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This year we will be sending challenges home towards the end of each term that will be linked to the next topic. The aim is that the children will choose 1 of the challenges to complete during the holiday which can then be displayed through out the topic in class. The children will earn a red token for completing a challenge.  Copies of the challenges will be added to this page.

MyMaths: each child has their own login for an online maths challenge called MyMaths.  Please see your class teacher if your child has lost their password and username.

MyMaths challenges will be set following a unit of work covered in class.  Please bear in mind that this programme is aimed at end of Year 1 expectations, so if your child finds it tricky this would be normal at this time of year.  They can have as many attempts at the homework as they like and do the practice lessons too.  The homework is marked by the website, but teachers do have access to see who has been trying the challenges and how well they have done.  If you do not have access to the resources please see below for a brief outline of what has been set.


Term 2 challenges:

  • number bonds to 20 (adding 2 numbers together and the answer will always be 20) and the inverse subtraction fact (if I know that 16 + 4 = 20, I also know that 20 - 16 = 4 or 20 - 4 = 16)
  • counting on and back (starting from any number and being able to count forwards and backwards)
  • sums to 20 (adding and subtracting within 20, including 2-digit numbers)
  • introducing numbers and place value (knowing where numbers sit on a number line, comparing which set has more or less in it)
  • counting 1 (counting sets of objects, recognising patterns counting forwards and backwards in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's)
  • comparing measures (ordering from tallest to shortest / lightest to heaviest)
  • comparing mass (using key vocabulary, then solving word problems)
  • comparing length (using key vocabulary, then solving word problems)


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