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To Infinity and Beyond!


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 This term we are going to be finding out all about Space - we will look at both factual space and fantasy space.  This term we are lucky enough to have 2 exciting events - a space drama workshop and the Astrodome. 

In writing we will be watching a silent animation called 'Baboon on the moon' which we will use to write 2 stories - 1 retelling the story matching the film and the 2nd exploring what happens next.  We will continue to make our sentences better by using FANTASTICs and joining ideas together using 'and' or 'because'.  We will also be writing poems about space using onomatopoeic words.  To complete our writing we will write fact files about the planets that we have learnt about during this topic.

In phonics we will be moving onto Phase 5 - looking at alternative spellings for phonemes (sounds) we already know and alternative pronunciations.  Eg the graphemes 'oi' and 'oy' both make the same phoneme.  The grapheme 'c' can either make the 'c' phoneme as in cat or the 's' phoneme as in ice.  In handwriting we are continuing to join some of our letter families together.

During our maths lessons we will be focusing on measures.  We start the term learning about units of time - days / weeks / months and what we do at different times of the day, before moving onto reading and writing o'clock and half past times.  Aliens and rockets will be used to measure height and length in non-standard units.  We will continue to work on our problem solving skills, getting the children to be able to explain how they know the answer to something or applying the skills they have learnt in a different context - this will be the focus of Maths week this term.

The topic will be explored further in the afternoons, using music, art, and DT.  We will learn about the history of space travel - focusing on events such as the first moon landing and more recently Tim Peake's mission to the International Space Station!  There are some great experiments that we will watch to learn about the effects space travel can have on your body.  We will be making our own fantasy planets to help us with our creative story writing.


We will end the term with a Space themed topic day - Friday 9th Feb.  Children are invited to come into school dressed up (possible ideas include an astronaut, rocket, star, planet or an alien), parents and carers are invited to join us between 2.15 and 2.45 to look at the learning we have done this term.




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