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 This term we are going to be learning about Africa.  We will find out all about the continent of Africa, with a focus on contrasting Kenya with Herne Bay.  We will find out about their climate, the animals that live there and some interesting facts about how their lives are different to ours.

In writing we will be listening to stories from other cultures, including Tinga Tinga Tales and Handa's Surprise.  We will write our own version of a Tinga Tinga Tale to explain how 'Elephant Got His Trunk'.  One of our focuses this term is on our punctuation and presentation - making sure that we are trying our best to write neatly.

In phonics we will be complete Phase 5, looking at split digraphs (a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e) and alternative pronunciations and spellings for graphemes we already know ( ai, ay, a_e, ey, eigh) (c = cat, c = ice)

During our maths lessons we will be focusing on multiplication through making equal groups, repeated addition and arrays.  We will them move onto division through sharing into equal groups and fractions.  Later in the term we will look at 3D shapes and money. 

The topic will be explored further in the afternoons, using history, geography, music, art, and DT: creating our own Tinga Tinga art, West African tribal masks, silhouette sunset pictures, call and response African songs and the importance of historical explorers like Christopher Columbus.  In science we will be investigating seasonal changes by looking at signs of Spring and we will carry out investigations to further our knowledge on the properties of materials.   Jigsaw Jack will be used to build on our happy mindsets and explore our dreams and goals.

The children will still have their weekly P.E. lessons with Miss Williams, R.E. with Mrs Powell and Computing with Miss Scott.







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