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 This term we are going to be learning about space.  We will find out all about the planets in our solar system and use fictional space as a theme for our story writing. 

In writing we will use our FANTASTICs to rewrite a story about meeting an alien and make it more exciting. We will use different writing features to enhance our writing such as onomatopoeia and repetition.  Once we have learnt all about the planets we will also do some fact file writing too.

In phonics we will be complete Phase 4 looking at CCVC and CVCC words, polysyllabic words and compound words.  We will start to move into Phase 5, looking at split digraphs (a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e) and alternative pronunciations and spellings for graphemes we already know ( ai, ay, a_e, ey, eigh) (c = cat, c = ice)

During our maths lessons we will be focusing on addition through counting on and will introduce using a number line to help us with this, subtraction with a number line and time - days of the week, months of the year, sequencing events that happen in a day and o'clock and half past.

The topic will be explored further in the afternoons, using history, geography, music, art, and DT: the life time of Neil Armstrong, Tim Peakes time in the International Space Station, creating our own fantasy planets and aliens and learning how meteors and asteroids form craters.  In science we will be investigating seasonal changes by looking at Winter and we will carry out investigations to further our knowledge on the properties of materials.   Jigsaw Jack will be used to build on our happy mindsets and explore issues involved in friendship..

The children will still have their weekly P.E. lessons with Miss Williams, R.E. with Mrs Powell and Computing with Miss Scott.







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