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Topic: Kraznir Term 4

Escape from Kraznir


There are two countries separated by a river: Kraznir and Slinsil. The people of Kraznir are fierce and warlike. Their land is poor and little will grow there. Their king is called Krill and he lives in a castle in the mountains. To the south of Kranzir is Slinsil. It is a rich and beautiful country, whose people love peace.


Rumours have reached Slinsil that Krill is planning to send an army to attack them. They hurriedly prepare to defend themselves. They send a team of 4 spies to Kranzir to find out about Krill’s plans. They want to know when and where he intends to attack. The spies are successful. Deep in the cellars of Castle Krill they find the complete battle plan. This, and many other valuable documents, is stored in a large wooden chest. Now the spies have got to get the chest and all its contents safely back to Slinsil...

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