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Challenge time

24.03.2020 - Phonics Challenge 

*  Can you find 5 items in your house that have the ‘ai’ phoneme in them? 

** Can you label them with the correct spelling pattern?

*** Can you use them in a sentence?



26.03.2020 - Math Challenge

*Choose 2 items and compare which is the longest and the shortest

**Choose 5 items and order them from shortest to longest

***Can you find something in your house that is shorter than your foot, the same size as your foot and longer than your foot?



30.03.2020 - Writing Challenge

*Answer these discussion questions:

  • Where is it from?
  • Why is it so small?
  • Are there more like him?
  • Where does he live?
  • How will you look after it?
  • Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?
  • What is it called?
  • Is it magic?  What magic can it do?

** Write some describing words about the dragon

*** Write some sentences (or maybe even a short story!) about the dragon



02.04.2020 – Art challenge

Your challenge for today is to create a bright and colourful picture that can be sent to the new NHS hospital in London – NHS Nightingale to decorate the bare walls.  Please send a picture of your art work via tapestry or your teachers email address so that it can be printed and laminated and then sent off to the hospital.  You could create a picture on Purple Mash using a Paint programme such as 2Paint, save and let your class teacher know that you have done this. 

We look forward to seeing some amazing art work.

04.04.2020 – PE challenge

* Play 3 rounds of the game – who is the winner?

** Invent some new moves e.g. something to be water so that you can beat paper and scissors.  Take pictures or let your class teacher know what the moves are.

*** Ultimate champion – set up a competition in your house.  Everyone plays against each other 3 times recording who won, then the winners play each other until you find the ultimate champion.

I Spy challenge

Hi Year 1 - I am missing you all lots and hope that you are all safe and well?


Whilst out on my daily walk I took some photos of some of the sights we see.  I wondered if any of you knew where they were or what they are.  Send me your answers and I will let you know if you are right.


From Mrs Burkitt

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