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Well done Year 1 on completing your second week of Term 3 and home learning!  It has been great to see all your hard work and challenges that you have completed.

On a Friday afternoon we would have been sending the children home from school with a topic challenge to consolidate a subject taught earlier in the week and some phonics work.  We will be setting the same tasks that we had originally planned - so these will help the children apply the skills they have learnt during the week.


Today is the last day we are going to be thinking about singular and plural nouns. You will only need your home learning books for this activity. 


Here is the video you will need to watch (it is also at the end of the teacher video but just in case)


Activity: Watch the Blue Planet II trailer and write a list of the different animals you can see. If there is only one animal, you will need to write the singular word. If there is more than one, you will need to write the plural. Remember that fish is a rule breaker and the word does not change for the plural. 

If your child is in the orange pencil group, you can write the word for them and they can add the correct plural ending. They can help you to segment the sounds to help you to write. 


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Today's lesson will be a consolidation of learning from your work on length and height. Please see the challenge and also the additional option of making and playing a board game, this can be adapted by drawing out the board game and using a spinner from a game for have at home (temporarily replacing the sections on it).

Please click the link below for a starter activity:

Below you will find a short video explaining and demonstrating a challenge for you all: 

*If you are using a ruler to measure it may be easier to ask the person to lay on the floor to be measured.

Measuring height challenge

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Today is our tricky word practise day! We are going to be thinking about the tricky words we learned about last week and also the ones from this week. They are: Mr, Mrs, looked, asked, called, oh, their & people. 


To warm up today I would like you to find the 'Tricky Word Trucks' game on phonics play and see if you can recognise them. There are all of the tricky words that you have learned since Reception on this game, so you can practise as many as you choose.


Activity: Today I would like you to go on a tricky word hunt! Look through some of your story books that you have at home. Can you spot any of the tricky words you have been learning? I want you to tick off how many times you have spotted each tricky word in your story. Can you read the tricky words when you see them?

If you have post-it notes or pegs you might like to use those as a bookmark to help you remember which page they are on. Have fun!

Geography consolidation

At the beginning of the week you learnt about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world.  Today we would like to see how much you can remember.  In the attached document there are some questions pages, at the bottom of the page it says which colour pencil the questions are for.  

You can either print them out and write on the sheet, print them out and answer them verbally or copy them and answer them in your home learning books.

You can always watch the rap again on Monday's home learning page.


Your final handwriting session for this week.

Handwriting Friday.mp4

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In case you weren't up in time to join in live or were busy doing another activity please find today's Joe WIcks PE lesson to join in with.

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 15th Jan

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