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Friday 14th January 2022


Today we are learning the 'ee' digraph. Please watch the 'ee' lesson below and join in with the activities within it if you are able. If you would like a further challenge please complete one of the activities below:

* Write 'ee' and 'ai' on different post its and hide them around the house. Can you find them all and sort into different groups

** Practise writing some 'ee' words eg cheese, seed, feed

*** Practise write a small sentence with an 'ee' word  eg He had a seed

Learning 'ee' Lesson


Today we are learning about equal and unequal groups.

Watch this video:

Complete this activity:

Topic Lesson

In school this week we have learnt how some polar animals make a den in the snow to keep out of the strong, cold winds and to sleep.  In school we have used Lego, K’nex and blocks to make our own snow den. 


Can you make a den in your house?  You could use any construction toys you have or make a den using pillows and blankets.  Once you have built your den you could get some books to look at or play a game in your den.

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