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Starter: Ordering game

Gather a collection of objects which can hold liquid (maybe the same ones you used on Tuesday). Now put them in order from which would hold the least amount of liquid to the most.

Friday maths.mp4

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Challenges: Please note you do not have to print the sheets, you can draw/write your answers straight into your purple books.

Circles and Triangle groups complete the worksheet with * at the top right corner.

Squares and Rectangle group complete the worksheet with ** at the top right corner.

Pentagons complete the worksheet with *** at the top right corner. There is an extra reasoning and problem solving task too.


Today we are going to be finishing off the riddles that we wrote yesterday. Check that you have added full stops, question marks, similes and describing words and make sure you are happy with it. 


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Today in phonics we are focussing on the tricky words of the week. Please play the tricky word bingo game with someone at home :) 

Blue, green and red pencils play the phase 5 bingo and yellow and orange play the phase 3 bingo


Enjoy Joe Wick's PE lesson which was live on Monday :) 

PE With Joe 2021

PSHE - Jigsaw Jack

Today we will be thinking about staying healthy and how medicines can help to make us well again.  Watch the video which gives some important messages about staying safe with medicines and then complete today's Jigsaw Jack challenges.


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Can you sort the items into those that are medicines and those that are not?

Now see if you can complete the quick quiz below.  

Orange and Yellow pencils complete the * challenge

Red pencils complete the ** challenge

Green and Blue pencils complete the *** challenge


If you can't print out the sheets then you can just write your answers into your purple home learning books.

Reflection piece - think about what you have learnt and complete the Jigsaw Jack puzzle piece


Can you complete Friday's handwriting challenge as neatly as you have done the rest of the week?  Have a try at joining up the letters in today's harder joining words.

Handwriting Friday.mp4

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