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Today's timetable: Literacy, Maths, Phonics, Science and Rainbow reward time



We are continuing with the next part of our class story about the children of Hampton School trying to escape from the evil wizard by changing their colour and changing their shape.  In the video we talk about using noticing and touch FANTASTICs (adjectives) to make our writing more exciting.

Literacy - middle of th story

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Challenge - as on the video we would like you to continue with your story.  If you have already changed into something green yesterday then you will need to think about what you could turn into on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday you need to be an orange object and on Friday you need to think of something purple.  Try to make your writing more exciting by using noticing words and touch words.  Please write your sentences in your purple book.


We are still thinking about 2D shapes and today how to describe them.  We need to think about the number of corners (pointy bits and where 2 sides meet) and sides (can be straight or curved) each shape has.  Watch the video below, you could listen to the description some of the children give and then see if you can guess correctly what the shape is.

Maths - describing 2D shapes

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Challenge:  In your purple book you will need to draw some 2D shapes.  Can you then write a description for them - how many corners and sides do they have?

If you have any 2D shapes you could play mystery bag - hide the shapes inside a bag or pillowcase.  Using just your hands feel the shape.  Can you describe it to someone else to guess or can you work out what it is just from feeling it?


Watch the video below where we learn the phoneme 'ure' and today's pronunciation 'er'.  The children match up the correct picture with its label and then add sound buttons to the captions to help us read them.

Phonics - ure

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Challenge - look at the attached sheet of real and nonsense words.  Can you print out or copy into your purple books and then add the sound buttons (sausage and beans) to help you read them?  Which prounuciation did you need - ure making the 'your' sound or making the 'er' sound?


Carrying on from yesterday's lesson we are now going to observe (watch) what happens when we add extra water to our cloud.  If you were able to set up your own cloud in a jar you will need to get it back.  You made a a prediction about what you thought would happen if we added more water to the cloud.  Today we will see if your prediction was correct.  You will need to carefully add some extra water (we dyed ours blue with food dye) to the cloud slowly and watch very carefully to see what happens.  If you are unable to do this there is a video on Tapestry that shows what happens.


Challenge - we would like you to record your observations, either of what you see at home n your own experiement or what you saw happening on the video.  Did the cloud change?  Did the water change?  What happened to the extra water that we added?

A basic explanation of the water cycle explaining why it rains



As it is Friday, the last part of the afternoon is always spent celebrating the hard work and amazing leanring that has taken place this week.  As this is the last Friday of November each class will be having a birthday party to celebrate the children who have had birthday's in September, October and November.  If you are not able to join us you can still help us celebrate.  We will be having a mini disco, playing some party games such as musical statues and sleeping lions.  Think about what you can do to celebrate at home, or enjoy some reward time!

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