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Starter: Stick to O'Clock and half past

  1. Children must show the given time on the clock
  2. Children must identify the time shown on a clock


Todays lesson is a consolidation of all your learning this week. You will find a variety of activities to choose from and I have set you an investigation. Please see documents below.


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This term we are following the BBC radio music programme.  You will need to follow the link below which will take you to the correct part of the BBC website. Please work your way down the page, completing the following activities:


  • Listen to part 1 of the story about Lakshmi (midway down the page)- can you then answer the given questions?
  • Learn verse 1 and the chorus of the song with Andy and Rebecca (top of the page) 

EXT - you can have a try at the rhythm challenge or listen to the sitar player.


You will need another person with you to do your warm up today - an adult or a brother  / sister that will play some hand clapping games with you.  Then practise writing the last 3 days of the week with the correct capital letter at the beginning.

Handwriting Friday Wk6.mp4

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Today we are going to finish writing our own version of 'Owl Babies'. We are going to think about the 'closing' section today.


Blue & Green Pencils: Write two sentences for your closing. Use 'and' and adjectives to add detail to your story. 

Think Pink!: Use 'because' or 'so' to extend your sentence


Red & Yellow Pencils: Write two sentences for your closing. 

Challenge: Use 'and' or adjectives to add detail. 


Orange Pencils: Look at the sentence building activity. Fill in the missing spaces to complete the sentences.


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Today is the last day of our phonics learning this term and we are going to focus on the tricky words we have learnt over the past few weeks. 

To start please play the tricky words truck game on phonics play (click the link) phase 5. I have also left a couple of tricky words youtube songs which are really fun and a great way to remember what our tricky words are. If you wanted an extra challenge you could write a sentence including the tricky words in the song. 

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To


Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

Your phonics activities for today are below. 

Blue, green and red pencils are to complete the mixed tricky word bingo game.

Yellow and orange pencils have a trick word story spotter activity.


Have a great half term :) 


Enjoy today's PE with Joe Wicks. 

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