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Well done Year 1 - you have nearly completed your first whole week of home learning.  I hope you are going to be able to make the zoom calls we have got happening this morning, it will be lovely to see you all.

To complete your home learning for this week you have got P.E., Music, Handwritng, Phonics and Literacy.  Remember you can choose which order you complete them in.


Today in music we are linking our learning to the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

To start you off we need to warm up our voices, watch and follow the video below:


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Vocal warm up

Red Riding Hood loves everything red...especially her red cloak!

Listen and learn the song: I love Red!


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I love red!

Could you:

  • Identify the long and short notes when you sing the different 'reds' in the chorus?
  • Spot the jumpy, fast rhythms of the words in the verses?
  • Identify which words in the verses have slower rhythms eg 'breeze' in Verse 2?


Today we would like you to take part in a 'Wake Up With Joe' workout. Try your very hardest and have fun!


If you have done this and would like to have a longer PE session, you can practise the rugby skills that Mrs Bryant showed us on Tuesday. These include throwing and dodging. 


Link to the Joe Wicks workout: 


Today we are going to use all the skills we have been learning this week to write our own list poem based on the poem '10 things found in a wizard's pocket.'  Watch the video below that will explain what you need to do and how to layout your poem.

Friday literacy.mp4

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This is our last lesson looking at consonant blends and today we are looking at some different final ones.  Watch the video below and then have a try at today's challenge.

Friday phonics.mp4

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Challenge: look at the sheet attached.  Copy the words into your books and then add your sound buttons to help you read them.  Can you then draw a picture to match the word?  As an extra challenge can you think of a sentence that contains these words or highlight the final consonant blend.


Watch today's video to see which one armed robot letter we are practsing today.

Handwriting k for Friday.mp4

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