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Another week of home learning nearly completed!  Year 1 you are amazing and all your teachers are very proud of the work you have been doing.  Hopefully we will see you on our class zoom calls this morning.


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Today for our music lesson we are going to warm up our voices again, just like last week.

Please watch and follow the video below:

Vocal warm up

Still image for this video

Now Year 1 we are going to learn a new song today called 'What Shall We Do?'

It is based on the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

I would like you to:

  • Learn the Chorus and then verses 1-3
  • Identify the short and long notes (the same as last week)
  • See if you can spot and lines which are repeated in the verses
  • Practice your 'call and response' - if you have another person, one can be A and the other B, if you are completing this independently you can choose either A or B to repeat.

Learn to sing 'What Shall we do?'

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Our final lesson this week involves you writing a list of food that you would take to a Festive Feast.  It is linked to yesterday's lesson about how Christmas is celebrated around the world.  There's a video to watch and a story before you do your challenge.

Friday Literacy.mp4

Still image for this video

A Festive Feast.mp4

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Challenge - remember to use your sentence rules to help you with your writing today.  What is important about writing a list?  Where do you need to start each item of food?  What special punctuation do you need to use?

Orange pencils - 5 items

Yellow and red pencils - 7 items

Green and blue pencils - 10 items


We finish the week off by looking at the last 2 trigraphs and alternative pronunciation for a digraph.  To get your brain warmed up for todays lesson see if you can join in the alphabet song video.

Alphabet Song - ABC Song UK

Friday phonics.mp4

Still image for this video
Challenge - look carefully at the picture below.  If you want to print it to put in your book that is fine, but you do not need to.  Can you write down some of the objects that you can see in the town scene?  Use your sound talk to help you - you might need to use some of your digraphs and your phoneme mat to help you.


Today we are going to try a Christmas PE! Have a look at the video and follow the instructions. Have fun!  


Get your body warmed up and then practise writing today's long ladder letter.  Can you start and finish in the correct place?

Handwriting t for Friday.mp4

Still image for this video
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