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CONGRATULATIONS!  We have finished Term 1!

Well done to all of our Year 1 pupils who have worked so incredibly hard all term and have shown all the Hampton Values throughout this term.  All the teachers are so incrdeibly proud of how well the children have adapted to the new situation, the new routines and returning to school - to a new class and teacher.


Challenges for today:



As it is the end of our topic we need to think about all the learning that we have done this term about Pirates.  You can either talk about what you have learnt or perhaps write it down.  Do you remember when we learnt the names of clothing that Pirates wear, the different part of a pirate ship or how to talk like a pirate?  What have you enjoyed best this term.  Please let us know.



Can you play full circle?  You will need either magnetic letters or pen and paper.  Draw a circle that you will write on.  Your adult will tell you a word which you need to sound talk and write at the top.  They will then tell you another word which has one phoneme from the first word changed in it.  Write this a bit further round the circle.  Keep listening to the words, sound talk them and change one phoneme each time.  You will then end up with the word that you started with back at the top of the circle.


Letters needed: s a t p i                       Letters needed: s a t p i n 

Words to read out:                               Words to read out:

sat                                                        pin

sit                                                         pit

sip                                                        sit

tip                                                         sat

tap                                                        pat

sap                                                       pan

sat                                                        pin



Can you continue practising your fact family addition sentences? Will you use a tens frame / part whole model / bar model to help you?  Choose 2 small numbers, add them together and then use the 3 numbers that you have to make your 4 fact family addition sentences e.g.

3 + 4 = 7

4 + 3 = 7

7 = 3 + 4

7 = 4 + 3


RAINBOReward time:

As it is Friday it is rainbow reward time.  Spend some time doing the things you enjoy - watch a film, colour in a picture, play a game, read your favourite book.

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