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1. On Saturday, January 09, 2016 at 8:20 p.m, Morgan-Louise Kinch, a pupil from Herne Bay wrote:


I am in year 6. This school is the most spectacular place I have ever been lessons are fun my favourite is maths. I love this school so much and I had 7 years to experience this. This is the right place for 4-11 year olds to go, including a nursery for toddlers built in as part of this amazing school. This school has special visitors come in like authors and also dress up days fun for all ages. The teachers here are amazing and funny and never give up on their pupils. I have learnt so much thanks to the best school in the world. So come and join the fun your missing out on tonnes of fun!!!


At Hampton we not only do indoor lessons like literacy and maths but once a week we have 3 amazing funny spectacular teachers teaching us from 11:30 to 03:00. Miss Williams (the funny active teacher) doing PE which is sport and every term we do a different sport like basketball to rugby to tennis they are all amazing!! Then we have Mrs Bird (sweet lovely) and she owns the library where pupils can sit on the sofas or in the tents reading books. We have LOADS of books like the Harry Potter series and Darren Shaun also a huge range of children's books like princesses and fairy tales!! And then we have Miss Scott (beautiful and caring) who does ICT which is computers, and we have been doing powerpoints (slide show) for different events like black outs and gas masks. Hampton is NOT boring especially with these caring lovely teachers!!!

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