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Whole Class Guided Reading (5/3/21) PART 1

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In the last reading lesson of the week we are going back to our 'Notable People' theme by learning about the life of another activist: Emmeline Pankhurst. She was a leading figure in women's rights - the fight to make sure women (girls) are treated equally to men (boys). You will read the book from Little People, Big Dreams and then answer the comprehension questions to check your understanding of the text. The video is in two parts as my laptop cut me off near the end.

This week you have read about David Attenborough, Rosa Parks, Greta Thunberg and now Emmeline Pankhurst. I hope you've been inspired as a little person to have big dreams whatever they may be and to never give up on them!


Whole Class Guided Reading 5/3/21 (PART 2)

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Whole Class Guided Reading (4/3/21)

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Today's guided reading text is all about World Book Day! Have fun learning all about the day itself and then use your own amazing comprehension skills to answer the questions on page 3 in the document. In the teaching video, I explain which VIPERS is which. Enjoy!

Whole Class Guided Reading (3/3/21)

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In today's lesson we are reading about the life of environmental activist Greta Thunberg using another text from the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series of books. In today's lesson we read about Greta's strong beliefs on climate change and global warming as well as about how she has gone about demanding change from world leaders and politicians across the globe. Also in the book today, we learn two terms that children may not be very familiar with. These are 'Selective Mutism' (a condition that affects people's ability to speak in certain situations) and 'Aspergers Syndrome'. Aspergers Syndrome is a condition that now falls under the broader category of Autism. Greta has spoken about how it is her 'superpower' and helps her to focus her interests and passion - the environment - into direct action and having the confidence to speak her mind. Qualities that you will see clearly when you read about her life.

If parents would like to open a conversation a little more about Autism and provide an explanation beyond what I went in to in the lesson video then I find this link offers some good talking points:

Comprehension questions and book pages are attached. :)

Whole Class Guided Reading 2/3/21

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Today we are going to study the life of Rosa Parks, a leading figure in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. We are using the text from the Little People, Big Dreams series of books to help us to understand her achievements and the life that she had. I know the idea that people were treated unfairly and differently due to the colour of their skin is difficult to understand when we are so young, but it is very important that you learn about this so you can better understand how important it is to treat everyone fairly no matter what. This is so we can make the world better for everyone! The pages to the book are attached above and so are the comprehension questions which are mainly working on retrieval today.

Guided Reading Text 2/3/21

Whole Class Guided Reading (1/3/21)

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In today's reading lesson we begin a new unit on 'Notable People'. This week we are going to be reading books from 'The Little People, Big Dreams' series of books. People who have made amazing contributions in their lives to make the world a better place. Today, we are studying the life of David Attenborough. The pictures from the book are attached as well as the comprehension questions. Pay attention to which VIPERS questions are which and try and tailor your answer according to these. I hope you enjoy your reading today!

Little People, Big Dreams: David Attenborough

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