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As part of our topic learning, the children have been asked to think of something from World War II that they can build, make and create over the course of a few afternoons. This could be anything ranging from an Anderson shelter to a gas mask! Children must be clear on the resources required for their creation and if materials cannot be provided from home then please ensure they tell their class teacher. We might be able to provide some materials/equipment if teachers are told by Thursday at the latest.




This year the children will be expected to read daily and then ask you to complete their reading record. They will not necessarily need to read to you aloud, but once they have been reading for about 20 minutes, please ask them some questions about what they have been reading: what has happened? why? what do you think will happen next? what is the main character like? This type of questionning will improve their comprehension of the texts read in preparation for their learning as they move on to secondary education.



Times tables

Children should be able to chant them and not just count in number patterns, answer random questions for any times table and know the inverse (division facts) for each statement. This skill will be invaluable for all their future mathematical learning.




Spellings are given out by each Literacy teacher on a Monday giving the children a week to learn and tested the following Monday.

Chocolate project homework - Term 1

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