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Parental wellbeing during lockdown

Having your children at home can put a great deal of pressure on everyone in a household but it doesn't need to.  Here are our Top Tips for keeping on top of your own mental wellbeing during lockdown...

Keep to a routine

Getting up at the same time each day will really structure your day and keep you motivated for the day ahead.  Agree a timetable as a family; remember to include exercise, playtime and snack time!


Be realistic

You cannot please everyone all of the time! Be proud of your achievements - however small - and try to focus on all the good things that are happening in your day.


Be aware of your own feelings

Most people report to being anxious or stressed at the moment and we would all benefit from a calming activity in our day. Try reading, walking, drawing or baking; go with whatever helps you relax.


Keep in touch with others

There's nothing like a catch-up and a laugh with family or friends, even if it is a virtual one.  If your child hasn't been on a class Zoom yet, why not give it a go ?


Keep talking
Try and laugh together about what hasn't worked out that day and try to keep it in perspective.  Be firm with your expectations of work and behaviour but also make sure that successes are celebrated and fun is had!  It isn't easy for anyone at the moment but just knowing that you are doing your best will make you feel better about things!

Need support for your own mental health?

If you are feeling low or anxious, stressed or feel you are simply finding it difficult to cope at the moment, you can call the confidential Mental Health Matters Helpline for guidance and support. You can contact a trained and experienced support worker on 0800 107 0160.

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