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ICT 15.01.21

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For today's ICT lesson, we are learning how to respond and write our own emails using 2Email on PurpleMash. 2Email is a safe way of using email in school as pupils can only send and receive emails from people in school. In addition, every email that is sent by pupils can also be viewed by teachers and there is a button when viewing emails called 'Report to teacher' that can be pressed to report anything inappropriate or offensive to the teacher and make the email disappear from your inbox folder. If there any issues, then please send a message to your child's teacher via email or ClassDojo so it can be dealt with.

If you wish to submit evidence of the lesson on ClassDojo then please either take a photo or screenshot your child's email or inbox on 2Email and post it on ClassDojo.

Hopefully, you can use 2Email to send positive messages and stay in contact with each other as we stay at home :)

The link to PurpleMash is below.
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