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Term 1 - Ahoy there me hearties!


This term Year 1 will be taken over by a pirate crew!  We will be learning to talk and act like pirates, whilst settling the crew into their new classes and routines.




In Literacy we will be using adjectives to describe what we look like as pirates.  We will think about our sentence rules (capital letters, finger spaces and full stops) and using our sound talk to help us spell new words.  We will learn how to speak like a pirate using some of the common words and phrases that they would have used.


In phonics we will be revisiting Level 2 and 3 to make sure that we have not forgotten any of the phonemes learnt from Foundation Stage.  We will practise our letter formation with these phonemes.


In maths we will be following White Rose.  We start with number and place value: practising reading, writing, ordering and counting numbers.  We will think about different ways that numbers can be represented using objects, pictures and written numbers.  


The topic will be further explored in the afternoons.  In geography we will need to be able to use and follow maps so that we can help find the treasure.  We will learn that maps use symbols to represent different areas or places.  The children will also create their own treasure island maps using the symbols that they have learnt about.  In history we will learn about Christopher Columbus - although he was not a pirate he did travel around in a ship and discovered his own special treasure.  In art we will learn about colour and how Kandinsky used bold colours to create his work.  We will also learn how to create a self portrait, with a twist - by painting ourselves as pirates.  On our topic day we will spend the day designing, making and evaluating rafts to help rescue the pirates stranded on a treasure island - more details will follow.  In science we will be exploring different materials and their properties and will investigate which material would be best to keep Captain Jack Sparrow dry whilst standing out on the ship's deck.


In addition to all of this we will also be spending time settling the children into Year 1 and getting to know each other.  


Each week you will be informed of the week's learning via Tapestry and given any upcoming information too.




P.E. days will be staying as Tuesday and Wednesday, with children coming into school wearing their correct P.E. kit.  












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