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Literacy 07.01.21

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The starter for today's literacy is all about matching words to their correct word class. If you would like you can print the work using the link below if you would prefer to write it on there instead. The main focus for today's lesson however is on finding features of persuasive writing within a persuasive text. If you would prefer to work on a worksheet today then please print the correct sheet according to your literacy class below.

Literacy 06.01.21

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In today's literacy lesson, we are focusing on creating a persuasive debate using Joe's opinions from 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. You will need to look at his opinions and come up with a 'for' and 'against' argument for it. If you have another person who is willing to help then they could be one side and you could be the other. You may choose to write down your arguments or you could record yourself saying your opinion and argument or having a debate with someone and then uploading that video onto ClassDojo.

Literacy 05.01.21

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In today's literacy lesson, we are making predictions based on the front cover and the first chapter of 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. Please use the sentence structures and/or sound mat to help you when you are writing your predictions. You should aim to write 3 if possible. If you missed yesterday's reading of chapter 1 then you can find a video of me reading it here (Guided Reading 04.01.21):

Literacy 04.01.21

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We are kicking off the term with a hook lesson as we have a new Literacy focus and book - 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. For this lesson you will need to create an election ribbon as well as think about (at least) one thing you would do if you were Prime Minister of the UK and write it down. How you make and design the ribbon is completely up to you using what resources you have available. There is a template you can use for the ribbon using the link below if you would prefer to print it.
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