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14/1/21 - Literacy

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The starter today is about statements and exclamation sentences. I will attach the 1*, 2* and 3* sheets below.

For the main activity we are going to write the introduction to our manifesto! If you are in Miss. Hopkinson's literacy group there will be a template to use to help construct your manifesto, you can pause the video and include your own ideas. Mr. Stanbra, Ms. Tan and Mr. Walsh's sets we will be going through 6 parts together to write up the introduction. You will want to pause the video after each part to write down your ideas and resume the video to move onto the next part. You can use your mindmap from yesterday to help you too! Today's work can be written straight into your home learning book or on a piece of paper.
Enjoy future Prime Ministers! :)

14/1/21 - Literacy starter sheets (the answers are at the bottom of the document too)

13/1/21 - Literacy

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Today we are going to begin with a prefix activity, following on from yesterdays starter. You will need to write your own (short) postcard using as many of the re, sub and inter prefix words as possible. The main lesson is all about mind-mapping your own manifesto. Your ideas can be as crazy as possible but you need to explain why on your mind-map. There is an example done on the board too. You are able to complete both the starter activity and the main activity straight into your home learning book or on a piece of paper.

I am looking forward to seeing some of your manifesto mind maps :)

12/1/21 - Literacy

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Today we have a SPaG starter all about prefixes! I will go through the slides to explain what a prefix is and how it is used to create new words. It is important to remember the spelling does not change! I will attach the sheets after the video too so you can complete the activity/print if you wish.
Miss. Hopkinson’s set – 1* activity
Mr. Stanbra/Mrs. Tan’s set – 2* activity
Mr. Walsh’s set – 3* activity
The focus of the main lesson is using facts and figures to help improve a persuasive argument. You will notice in the beginning of the first activity I start to say umm a lot (I was fixing my internet connection – the joys of working from home!!) I apologise for that, however the video continues as normal. Activity 1 requires you to match up the argument with the corresponding facts and figures. This can be done either by writing them down, screenshotting on a tablet and annotating or printing and completing at home. The sheet for Activity 1 is on the same document as Activity 2 for each literacy set. Activity 2 is differentiated for literacy sets and requires you to create your own facts and figures to support the argument stated on the slide/sheet. For each group there are sentence starters to help you and I will provide you with an example too in the video. You are creating your own facts/figures so you can make them as crazy as you want! As long as they support your argument. I look forward to reading some of your facts/figures! :)

11/01/21 - Literacy

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Today we are looking at rhetorical questions and how they are used in persuasive texts! The text we are looking at today is called 'Horrid Hotel' and believe it or not people actually want to stay there - I don't think it is my cup of tea! The task is differentiated for each literacy set, which is explained in the video. I have attached the sheets separately if you wish to print the work sheet, if not you are able to use the slides to help you and write it into your home learning book or on a piece of paper. Enjoy!;)
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