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Literacy 21.01.21

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This literacy lesson is spelling and grammar focused as we look at using 3 new prefixes to create new words; super-, auto- and anti-. Watch the video and complete the activities on the screen as you go.

Literacy 20.01.21

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We are writing our final persuasive paragraph and an ending for our manifestos in this literacy lesson. Make sure to check your paragraphs carefully at the end by following the writer's checklist!

Literacy 19.01.21

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In today's literacy we are focusing on writing the next persuasive paragraph for our manifesto. We will be doing the same process as yesterday building it up sentence by sentence. Make sure you use the checklist at the end to go through and uplevel your paragraph until you are happy with it.

Literacy 18.01.21

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For today's grammar starter, we are learning to write our own exclamations. If you are in Miss Hopkinson's literacy set, you will need to copy the sentences and fill in the gaps. If you are in Ms Tan's or Mr Stanbra's literacy sets, you will need to convert the statements into exclamations. If you are in Mr Walsh's literacy set, you will need to think of 3 of your own exclamations based on the picture on the screen.

For our main lesson, we will be drafting our first persuasive paragraph using the features we have learned about in the previous weeks. You will need to make sure you have your mind map of your manifesto ideas from last week to help you create your paragraph.
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