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28.01.21 - Literacy (possessive apostrophe)

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Today is the final lesson in our SPaG week lessons and we are focusing on using apostrophes for possession. We will find out what possession is, when we would need to use a possessive apostrophe and how we apply it in our writing. Top tip - try to not get confused between an apostrophe for possession and an apostrophe used in a contraction word e.g. don't. There are a few different activities for each literacy set, which are posted below for you to have a go at. The answers can be written straight onto your piece of paper or in your home learning book, you do not have to print it.

Enjoy Year 3!:)

27.01.21 - Literacy (Past and present tense)

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Today we are looking at changing verbs from the present tense to the past tense! There are a few different rules we have to follow when we are writing the new verbs, which I will go through in the video. Each literacy sets sheets are put together in one document and I have posted them below the video for you to complete (you do not have to print you can just look at the sheets and write down the answers into your home learning books).
Enjoy writing in the past and present tense Year 3!:)

26.01.21 - Literacy (Commas in a list)

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Today we are looking at commas. They are SUPER important in writing and one activity today shows how we use them more than full stops! Lists would be so long and boring and hard and rubbish and unpleasant and terrible and horrific to read if we used and all the time, right? So, let's start using commas more often and give our readers a break! Your activities today are merged into one document for each literacy set below the video!

Enjoy this magnificent, exciting and challenging task today Year 3! :)

25.1.21 - Literacy (adverbs)

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This week we are taking a step away from 'The Accidental Prime Minister' (do not worry we will be returning to it next week in literacy - I know how much you are enjoying it) to look at some SPaG lessons. Todays lesson is all about adverbs: what they are, how to write them and how to use them in a sentence. Your activities are on the screen but I have attached them under the video so you can complete them. Each document contains all 3 tasks for each literacy set.
Enjoy learning about how to make sentences interesting Year 3!:)
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