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Literacy 04.02.21

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For the last literacy lesson this week, we are going to begin writing our own diary entry as Joe from 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. We recap some of the key features of diary writing and an example paragraph that you may use for inspiration when you come to write your own. I hope you have fun writing this and remember to keep it chatty and informal :)

Literacy 03.02.21

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Our lesson focus for this lesson is to recap and sequence events in a story. This is important as it will help us to recount the events of The Accidental Prime Minister in our diary writing. To start, you will need to listen to the descriptions of the different events and then reorder them into the correct sequence. You will then need to make sure you copy the writing down or draw a picture of each event. Afterwards, you are going to think about and write down how Joe might be feeling at each point and why. There is a template available of a sheet you can use to print and write on if you prefer.

Literacy 02.02.21

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Our focus for today's literacy lesson is investigating features of a diary entry. We start off by looking at time adverbials as a starter before looking at the other features you might find which we then look for in an example extract. For your activity you will then need to look at a separate extract and find the different features in it. If you are using and printing off a worksheet (all found below) then you can colour or highlight the features in different colours. Otherwise, write down the name of the feature and the examples of the words/phrases in the text next to them. If you are in Mr Walsh's literacy group, you will also need to explain why the feature can be found in a diary extract for some of them as well.

Literacy 01.02.21

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In today's lesson we are starting a new unit of writing focusing on diary writing. We start off with looking at the features of formal and informal language as we will need to use informal language when we come to write our diary entries. All of the activities are contained in the video.
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