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11.02.21 - Literacy

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Today we are going to complete a SPaG lesson all about the present perfect and simple past tense. The present perfect tense actually describes events that have happened in the PAST but are relevant in the present - it is confusing I know! I will go through it a lot during the slides, so hopefully it will become clearer and easier to remember. This lesson has two activities, which are put together for each literacy group in documents posted below the video. I will go through each worksheet on the slides too if you wish to complete it straight into your home learning book/piece of paper. There is also an optional extension activity if you wish to complete in the video too.

10.02.21 - Literacy

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Today we are continuing on from yesterdays diary entry. We are going to write about when Joe decides to change things at number 10 to suit his liking! You can come up with some of your own crazy, creative ideas or use the ones I give you on the board. I will go through an example of what you could write and highlight some of the diary writing features, before you set off and write your own. As this is the ending of a diary entry remember to sign it off today, you could use an abbreviation e.g. TTYL, C U L8R M8, B4N. I am lookin forward 2 readin sum of ur sick diary entries 2day #urawesome

09.02.21 - Literacy

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Today we are starting a new diary entry, from the next event in the story. This diary entry is all about when Joe visits Number 10 and accidentally becomes the PRIME MINISTER!! You will need to include these features of a diary: first person, time adverbials, adjectives, informal language, referring to the diary in second person and some EMPHASIS! Do not sign off your diary today as we will be continuing it in tomorrow's lesson so keep your work from today somewhere safe. There are two started activities today for you to have a go at too, which are all about contractions.
I hope u enjoy 2days lit work yh y3! #cantwait2readurdiary

08.02.21 - Literacy

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Today we are going to continue the diary extract we started on Friday's lesson (if you have still got the page you used on Friday I would recommend carrying on). We are looking at the second part of the day, where Joe shares his ideas at school about what he would do if he was Prime Minister. He is so totally #embarassed that he woz on live TV shoutin his ideas 2 every1. Remember to use informal language, first person, time adverbials and some super adjectives! I will go through an example and highlight the different features of a diary extract that you need to include. I look forward to reading your diary entries #wickedwriterz!
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