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Friday 5th March - Literacy

If you have not finished your Big Write from yesterday, writing up your Missing Poster and adding illustrations or photos to it, please use your Literacy lesson to do that today. Make sure you have read through and checked your written work, checking the SOS and that you have included all the necessary detail. I have attached one to have a look at if you need any help! 


If you have finished your Big Write, there are some SPaG activitied on apostrophes for you to complete. Hopefully this will be a recap from when you did it in a few weeks ago but if not, there is a helpful guide and a word mat to help you. Choose the level you want to practise today. Good luck! 

Varjak Paw missing poster - Have a look at this poster if you need some help finishing your poster today!

Have a look at the apostrophes for omission help guide and poster for support if you need some help today :)

Literacy Thursday 4th March

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Wednesday 3rd March

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Literacy Tuesday 2nd March

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Literacy Monday 1st March

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Friday 26th February

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Thursday 25th February To draft a descriptive paragraph using BOOMTASTICs

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Wednesday 24th February

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To describe Varjak Paw using BOOMTASTICs

Tuesday 23rd February - BOOMTASTICS to create imagery

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BOOMTASTIC activity sheets (if you have a printer you can print the sheet and complete but you might find it easier to copy the layout on your own paper or in your own workbook instead)

Monday 22nd February Hook Lesson explanation

Watch the video to see Mrs Leach explain today's Hook Lesson task!

Monday 22nd February - Varjak Paw Hook Lesson 1

‘There’s no place like home’

This week we are starting our new book for this term, Varjak Paw by S F Said. Before we start reading and finding all about the book, we are going to use a quote that is right at the beginning of the book as the inspiration for our Hook Lesson. Using the quote 'There's no place like home’, you are going to create a piece of artwork that shows what this phrase means to you. 

If you have coloured paper, scissors and glue, try making a cut out picture of your house and something you associate with your house (I have made my family). Or you could draw the outline of your house and fill with words or pictures (or a mix of both!) or use an online 'Wordle' website to create a Wordle full of words which show what your home means to you. If you do not want to do your own home, think of a house of a friend or family member which you would like to do instead. Don't forget to upload your Hook Lesson artworks to Dojo for your Year 5 teachers to see :)




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