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Literacy 25/02/21

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For this lesson you will be using the elephant facts that you gathered in the previous lesson to write some informative extended sentences. You will need to listen carefully to see what things you will need to include and, if you are in Mr Walsh's literacy set, then you there will be two specific types of sentences that you will need to include which are explained in the video. You should all aim to write at least 3 good informative extended sentences by the end of the lesson. Don't forget to check and uplevel your writing at the end :)

Literacy 24/02/21

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In this lesson we are focusing on being able to find information in a non-fiction text. We start by discussing different strategies we can use to find information in a text before looking at information on elephants and practise using some of those strategies. You will then need to find and write down information on elephants using the text to help you. What information you need to find depends on your literacy set. There is also an optional comprehension you may do at the end.

Worksheets and the optional comprehensions can be found below.

Literacy 23/02/21

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In today's lesson, we begin by looking at paragraphs and when they should be used in texts. Afterwards we then look at the features of a non-chronological report and why they are used. To complete the activity, you can either print off a worksheet and then underline/colour in the features directly on the text or you can write down the features and then some examples that you can find on the screen next to them.
The worksheets can be found below.

Literacy (22/2/21)

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Today's literacy lesson is our 'book hook' lesson aimed at engaging the children in the new unit of writing we will be embarking on over the next couple of weeks. Our story this term is 'The Jungle Book' by Rudyard Kipling and today's task is to create a jungle scene however you wish to do so! I have outlined a few ideas in the video. The 'going outside and collecting leaves one' might be a bit ridiculous in the midst of winter but who knows!? Some of you may have an array of evergreen trees in your area!

If you don't have materials to hand, a drawing is absolutely fine. The children can watch the Disney version of the film on Youtube with parents permission. I have attached a separate video showing how to access this. Children should also listen to the book being read at some point this week too if they can. I have uploaded this video also. Thanks!

Jungle Book film on YouTube info...

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