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Literacy for all Literacy Sets

Week Beginning Monday 14th December 2020


This week, we will all be working towards the same Literacy goal. Our Literacy this week is Christmas themed and each day there will be a new video and the resources you need here for everybody to use (not in your usual Set teacher's folder).

We really look forward to seeing your Christmas Literacy based on the incredible...Sprout Boy!

Literacy Monday 14th December

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Literacy Tuesday 15th December

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The Little Sprout Boy Wednesday 16th December

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Adjectives sheet Wedensday 16th December

The Little Sprout Boy poster Thursday 17th December

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Big Write - Literacy, Monday 30th November 2020

For your Big Write today, we would like you to choose how you would like to write and present your

non-chronological report about wolves. It can be presented in any way you choose! 

Below you will find various writing frames for you to choose from to write your Big Write on.

These include wolf border paper (lined and plain), assorted report writing frames and leaflets.

If you have access to a printer, please choose and print out the style you would like to write your report on. If you do not have a printer, or are choosing to type your report on the computer, have a look at the different writing frame designs as they might give you an idea how to present your report.

There is also a wolf word list - this is a list of key words which may be useful to support you when writing your Big Write today.


Please watch the video from your Set Teacher who will explain the Big Write task further.

We cannot wait to read your wolf report that you upload to Dojo! 


Pictures of wolves that you could use to go with your report

Term 2 - Week 1: Extended write writing frame

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