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Literacy (Mr Stanbra's and Ms Tan's Literacy Sets)

Literacy (17/12/20)

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In our fourth and final festive Literacy lesson this week, I would like you to create your own acrostic poems all about Christmas! You need to pick a word to do with Christmas (or the word Christmas itself) and write lines about what you've chosen with each line starting with the letters in your word. Think about your senses (see, hear, touch, smell, taste) and your feelings for ideas of what you can write. If you wish to challenge yourself further then try to include examples of rhyme (e.g. smell, well) and alliteration (e.g. Tiny Tim's Tree). The templates and ideas featured in the video are below if you wish to print and complete it on that. I can't wait to see what you've written.

As this is the last lesson of the term, I also wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Literacy (16/12/20)

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For our third Christmas lesson, we will be solving some Christmas crosswords! The first one's answers are all features of spelling, punctuation and grammar so read the clues carefully. The second crossword is more festive fun as the answers are all Christmas related. The crosswords are below if you wish to print them. Enjoy :)

Literacy (15/12/20)

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For our second Christmas literacy lesson, we are focusing on identifying and using prepositions to describe where things are. To challenge yourself you can improve your description by using expanded noun phrases that we covered in yesterday's lesson. There is a worksheet below if you would prefer to use that.

Literacy (14/12/20)

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In our first Christmas literacy lesson, we start off by recapping using different homophones in some Christmassy sentences followed by focusing on using expanded noun phrases to be able to describe different things. If you wish to challenge yourself further then you can try and add more detail after the expanded noun phrase. There is a worksheet below you can use or you can write your answers directly into your book.

Spellings (W/C 14/12/20)


As previously said, there is no new spelling list for this week. If you wish to practice your spellings from this term then you can go on SpellingShed where I have put all of this term's spelling lists together as one assignment. If you need your child's SpellingShed login then please send a message and I will get it to you ass soon as possible.


Have fun :)

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