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Literacy (Mr Walsh/Mr Stanbra/Ms Tan's Sets)

Literacy (1/4/21)

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In today's lesson you will be learning about the prefixes mis-, dis- and un-.

2 star worksheet - Mr Stanbra/Ms Tan's sets
3 star worksheet - |Mr Walsh's set

Literacy (31/3/21)

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Today we are studying word families. Follow the lesson video to develop your understanding and then complete the worksheet designated for your class below.

2 Star - Mr Stanbra/Ms Tan
3 Star - Mr Walsh

Literacy (Mr W/Mr S/Ms T) 30/3/21

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Continuing our learning on subordinate clauses today!

Mr Stanbra/Ms Tan's set should do the 2 star worksheet below.
Mr Walsh's set should do the 3 star worksheet below.

Literacy (Mr W, Mr S, Ms T) 29/3/21

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In today's lesson we are working on subordinate clauses, understanding what they are and how they are used within a sentence. We will finish with a worksheet task where we practice finishing sentences containing subordinate clauses and main clauses.
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