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Maths (Mr Stanbra's Maths Set)

Maths (04/12/20)

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Today we are practising the 3 times table. Because of this, there will be no 40 question times tables test today but there will be a times tables test on 3s and 4s next Friday instead. You can either choose to answer all the questions in the video inside your workbook or you can print off the worksheet below and answer them on there.

Maths (03/12/20)

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In today's lesson, we are focusing on being able to multiply and divide by 3. If you are confident already with the 3 times table or counting in 3s then you can use that knowledge to help you work out the answer, otherwise, use repeated addition to help you with multiplication and use sharing or grouping with division. The multiplication questions are attached below if you would prefer to view and print them that way.

Maths (02/12/20)

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For this lesson, you will need to combine your knowledge of grouping and sharing with your times table knowledge to divide by 2, 5 and 10. If you would prefer to view and answer the questions on a worksheet then please download it using the link below:

Maths 30/11/20

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Today's maths lesson carries on from last week where we were learning to divide by sharing. Today we are dividing by grouping instead. All of today's questions can be found on the video so copy them down and write them in your workbook. If there are any problems, please let me know :)
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