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Maths (Mr Stanbra's Maths Set)

Maths (17/12/20)

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In our last festive lesson, we are recapping some of times tables we have learned this term by completing some Christmas mosaics! To know what colour to shade each tile, you will need to solve the times table question inside each one. You may complete one or more of the mosaics (all different pictures), your choices are:
3 times table
4 times table
8 times table
3, 4 and 8 times tables

The link to the mosaics are below. If you cannot print the mosaics then you can complete the work on PurpleMash (link also below) where I have set all of them as a 'to do' task. You DO NOT need to do them all, just the ones you would like. If there are any questions or issues then please let me (Mr Stanbra) know on ClassDojo.

As this is the final lesson of the term, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Maths (16/12/20)

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In our third festive lesson, we are focusing on being able to solve questions mentally. You can choose to do some or all the questions, it is your choice. If you think you need to do workings out on a piece of paper, then that is ok. The questions are below if you would prefer to print them (don't look at the answers until you are ready to mark!).

Maths (15/12/20)

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For our second Christmas Maths lesson, we are recapping strategies for addition and subtraction. You will need to solve some calculations and match the answers to the correct letter to unveil some of my favourite festive jokes! There is a challenge at the end for those who wish to take it but if you would prefer to stop the lesson there then that is absolutely fine. There is a worksheet below if you would prefer to work from that.

Maths (14/12/20)

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For our first Christmas lesson this week, we are recapping place value. You need to work out what each symbol in the 'code' is and match it to the correct digit before working out its correct place value. There are 3 levels of challenge for you to have a go at, mild, hot and spicy, you can choose whether you wish to complete one or more of them. At the end there are extra problems for those who want to be challenged further but it is not necessary to complete them if you wish to stop there. The link to the worksheet is below if you wish to print the questions instead of write them into your book.
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