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Maths (Mr Walsh's Maths Set including SEN Support)

Maths (4/12/20)

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Finding a half of different quantities and amounts.

Maths (Mr Walsh's Maths Set) 3/12/20

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Today we are beginning a new topic on Fractions. We are studying how to find a half of different shapes today to go along with the usual starter activities.

Maths (Mr Walsh's Maths Set) 2/12/20

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Today we are learning how to share into equal groups one by one to work out division problems. I have made the questions available underneath. The children will need some objects to complete the practical parts of the lesson. Good luck!

Maths (Mr Walsh's Set) 30/11/20

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Today we have the usual starters for Maths - Number formation, times table practice and then Flashback 4.

The learning objective today is 'To make equal groups using a grouping method'. Follow the video and pause and answer questions as I go through and model examples. There are two tasks available. You don't need to complete both but can if you are feeling like you want to. I have attached these underneath the video. :)
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