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27/3/20 - FREE White Rose Maths learning


White Rose Maths, a high quality scheme of learning used at Hampton and pretty much up and down the country by thousands of teachers in primary and secondary schools has released some excellent home learning resources over the past week so I will try and put you in the right direction of these if you are looking for some extra maths ideas. 


If you visit you will see a page with links to different Year 2 lessons. All the lessons have videos to watch to explain to children what they will be learning and then an activity and answers to check afterwards. White Rose maths is what the children learn from in school so this will be really useful to the children if they are learning from this site. I will be adding this to the next home learning packs I am sending out. 


If you scroll to the bottom of the other brilliant thing they've made available is a resource called POWERMATHS. These are home learning maths booklets you would normally have to pay for or subscribe to. Click on the Year 2 booklet and it will take you to an external link with a 200 odd page maths book filled with questions and learning opportunities. I think this will be very valuable for our children and I will definitely be adding these to our next learning packs if I can find a way of getting an electronic version of it. (If your child finds maths slightly more challenging you could of course use the Year 1 booklet as this will be slightly easier to access for them)


Any problems please shout! ( 



Children should use the MyMaths resource as much as possible for maths practice. The website is also another great resource for practicing maths questions in the form of mini quizzes. I managed to provide Foxes Maths Set with login details for this website before we finished. Badgers and Hares maths sets will be provided with these once teachers return to school and when we send out the next packs if we can do this.

25/3/20: The Maths Factor (Created by Carol Vorderman) has been made FREE for everyone at the current time and offers Maths lessons for children aged 4-12. Each session consists of a video from Carol, a fun warm-up and a practice. There are also a range of maths games to go with this. Just visit and sign up if it's something you are interested in. I have not used it before myself but I think the videos may be useful to parents who aren't sure how to go about teaching certain concepts and strategies (which is absolutely normal by the way!)
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