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Monday 10th January 2022



Please watch a video of the story of the week 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. Discuss with your child, why is the penguin sad? Who is the main charcater? What do you think happened next?


Our writing activity this week is to write a short caption about how the boy feels when the penguin goes home. 

* Write words to describe how the boy is feeling eg sad

**Write a short caption eg He is sad

*** Think of your own sentence and write it.


Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces, a full stop and use your sound mat in your home pack (that you received in September - or there is one for you to print under the phonics tab) and write the sounds you can hear.



Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers I Read Aloud

To buy the book: visit Oliver Jeffer's official website:https://www.oliverjeffers.comLost and Found is a story about friendship...


Today we are learning to find one less

Watch this video:

Complete this activity:

Topic Activity

This week we are learning about animals that live in very cold places.  Watch the video below to learn about some of the animals that live in these places.  

Can you remember any facts about the animals and tell them to a family member?

You could draw a picture of some of the animals in their snowy world.

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