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Welcome to Week 2 of our home learning.  Below you will find all the lesson videos, resources and challenges for today.  You can choose which order you would like to complete them in.  Don't forget to upload your work onto Tapestry for the teachers to look at.  Please remember that it may not be your class teacher who comments, depending on which members of staff are working in school and which are working from home.


This week in literacy we are going to start the week by learning about compound words. A compound word is when we take two separate words and join them together to create a new word e.g star + fish = starfish. 


Blue, Green & Red Pencil Groups: Write a list of the compound words you can spot in the picture.

Extension: Put the words into sentences, checking your sentence writing rules and using your cursive handwriting.


Yellow & Orange Pencil Groups: Use the word document which has the two separate words. Practise putting the two words together to create the compound word.

Extension: Write the compound words you have made. 



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This week we will be continuing with our work from last week on length and height.

For a starter today: 
Put a unit of measurement such as cubes or paperclips along with various objects on the table. Measure the objects and write sentences on whiteboards or in books to describe this. For example: The pencil is 7 cubes long.


Please watch the video below and complete your challenge which will be explained underneath.

Length and Height-lesson 1

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Challenges: Please note that you do not need to print off these sheets, the answers can be written in home learning books. If you do not have cubes at home, please use something similar like small lego bricks.


Circles and triangles: Complete the sheet with one star on the top right corner (*)

Squares and rectangles: Complete the sheet with two stars on the top right corner (**)

Pentagons: Complete the sheet with three stars on the top right corner (***)


This week in phonics we are learning some new, phase 5 sounds: oy, ir, ue and aw. 

I have added a small, extra video to show you the 'hand gesture' I mention in the video!


Today, we are focusing on 'ir', for example in the words girl or bird. Have a look at the phoneme spotters and see if you can find the 'er', 'ur' or 'ir' sounds in your stories. I have also added a reading comprehension sheet as a challenge if needed. 


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The 'ue' action!

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Today we will be learning about the world's oceans and continents.  Please watch the information video below that will help you with your challenges.

Geography continents and oceans.mp4

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world map

If you are unable to print out the challenges you can either:

  • Draw your own map of the world and label it - use the picture as a reference
  • Complete the Purple Mash 2Do's that have been set for you - labelling the continents and then label the oceans by clicking and dragging the labels across to the correct places
  • Look at google earth to see if you can find all these places on there


Today we are still looking at zigzag monster letters - and today's is x.

Watch how to warm up your fingers and then how to write this tricky letter beforre having a try of your own.

Monday x .mp4

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