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This week in literacy we are thinking about the story Meerkat Mail. In the video, the audio is extremely quiet! So you can either read over the top of the audio or if you would prefer, I have put two links to the story. One is quite long but includes a bit more detail than the shorter one.   (this one is read by the author of the book, this is the longer one)    (this is the shorter video that is used in my video)


Have a look at the example letters attached and highlight the 6 features of a letter. These are:

  • Address
  • Date
  • Who it is to
  • Information to tell the person you are sending it to
  • A question
  • Who it is from

There are two example letters.

The one called 'Monday RGB' is for the red, green and blue pencil groups. 

The one called 'Monday YO' is for the yelloe and orange pencil groups. 

If your child would like to have a look at both, please feel free to do so!



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This week we are thinking about split digraphs. When we play buried treasure you need to read the words and sort the real words into the treasure chest and the nonsense words into the bin. Have fun!


Activity: Buried Treasure

Blue, Green & Red: i_e split digraph buried treasure game

Yellow & Orange: igh buried treasure game

SEN: 3 letter word buried treasure game


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This week in maths we are moving onto weight and mass. Below is the input video which introduces our topic for this week.

Maths Monday

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As explained at the end of the video I am going to explain 2 different ways to do the activity today depending on if you have the equipment to do a more practical based lesson or if you would prefer to do a worksheet based lesson. I will also upload a picture copy of the table incase you would prefer to just draw that directly into your purple book. 


Activity - practical based if scales are available


Circles, Triangles and Squares

 Pick 2 objects. Use the scales to find out which one is heavier and which one is lighter.


Rectangles and Pentagons

Pick 2 objects. Use the scales to find out which one is heavier and which one is lighter.

Complete the comparing sentences


Activity if you do not have scales available 


Circles, triangles and squares

1-star sheet. Comparing the objects in the scale.


Rectangles and Pentagons

2 star sheet – Comparing the objects in the scale.


In art this term we are learning about another style of art called post-impressionism and collage.  Today we will find out about a famous artist Henri Rousseau and compare his work to that by Jackson Pollock.

Art comparison.mp4

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This week we are focusing on joining up letters to make words, all using joins that you know and lead into each other easily.  Don't forget you can always log into Letterjoin to practice online too.

Handwriiting Monday W3 .mp4

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