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This week in Maths we are moving onto capacity. We will start by introducing capacity and volume, then move on to measuring and finally comparing capacity.

Starter: Discuss the difference between capacity and volume.

  • Capacity - the amount that a container can hold
  • Volume - the measure of space taken up by the object itself

Please watch the video below and then complete the challenges set out underneath.

Monday maths.mp4

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Today is a practical activity, first you will need to collect a range of containers.

You can use water or sand for this activity. Explore the containers by filling them up and ask questions such as:

  • Show me full containers...
  • Show me empty containers...
  • Show me half full containers...
  • Show me almost full containers...
  • Show me almost empty containers...

Group the containers together in these categories and take some photos to put in your home learning book.


This week in literacy we are thinking about riddles - what they are, how to write and use clues to add detail, how to write a simile and then writing our very own riddle! 


Today, we are thinking about the clues we can include. You will need to find some toy animals, choose one and then hide it from your adult/sibling. Describe them using clues - don't say what it is! What do they look like, sound like, how they move, etc. Can they guess which animal you have?

Challenge: Write your clues into your home learning books. 


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In phonics this week:

Our sounds are : ey, au, ph and wh. 

Our tricky words are: were, when, what, like and said. 


Our activity today is to read some questions and match them to the correct answer. 


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Reading comprehension challenge


We are still looking at how to join letters together and get your writing flowing better.  

Handwriting Monday Wk4.mp4

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PSHE - Jigsaw Jack

This term Jigsaw Jack will be helping us learn how to keep ourselves healthy.  Remember that Jigsaw Jack likes to talk about our feelings and make sure that we are taking care of ourselves.  You might like to find some calm music to put on quietly whilst you listen to the calm me script, just like we do in school.


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If you don't have a printer and you are a red, green or blue pencil you can copy the statements into your home learning book.  You could draw a line down the middle of the page and write the healthy statements on one side and unhealthy on the other.
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