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Over the next 2 weeks in Maths we will be concluding our work this term on measure by looking at 'time'. This week we will be looking at the passing of time and at the end of the week we will be beginning to read the time on a clock.



Maths Monday

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Circles, Triangles and Squares

Draw/write into the tables things you do before, during or after school. Repeat this by also thinking about the morning, afternoon and evening. You can do this by printing off the activity sheet or drawing straight into your purple books.  Another way is you could draw/write a selection of activities that are completed during the day e.g. get into pyjamas, eat breakfast onto squares of paper. Children can sort them into before, during or after school. Take a picture and then use the same pictures to sort into morning, afternoon and evening. 


Rectangles and Pentagons

Complete the sentences with the best fit words. Pick one of the set of 4 pictures on the second page. Can you stick in order and use the vocabulary 'first, then, next and finally' when describing what is happening in the picture. You may want to write that word underneath the picture too. 


This week we are reviewing all the sounds which make the /ai/ sound:

  • ay
  • ai
  • a-e


Alphablocks clip

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Phonics Monday

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Today in science we will be continuing to find out about animals and what their diet consists of.  Watch the video and then see if you can complete today's challenge.

science diets 2.mp4

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Orange and Yellow pencils: either print out and sort the animal diet cards into 3 groups and add a label.  If you are unable to print you could look at the cards and tell an adult which group you think they belong to depending on their diet.


Red and Green pencils: you need to create a table in your home learning book or print out the one attached.  Can you look at the animal diet cards and write each animal into your table, recording if they are a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.


Blue pencils: if you can print the animal diet cards you will then need to choose 3 - 1 from each diet group.  Can you then write a sentence explaining why they belong to that diet group?  If you can't print the pictures you could draw the animal or just write the sentences with the animals names in e.g. a frog is a carnivore because it eats meat such as flies and moths.

Orange and Yellow Pencils cards to sort


Once you have played the warm up activity see if you can write your number digits and number words 1 - 4 joined up.  You'll need to keep the warm up activity as we will be adding to it over the week.  A photo is attached as it is not easy to see on the video what it looks like.

Handwriting Monday Wk5.mp4

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This week in literacy we are thinking about the story 'Owl Babies'. We are focussing on sentence structure within our work and making sure that we are remembering the important rules when we write them - capital letters, finger spaces, full stops. Please ensure that this is the main thing you focus on when you are writing this week. 


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