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For this afternoon, we would like you to have a go at making this Christmas card. Make this super cool picture-reveal card to wow your friends and family!

Follow this link to find the video and step by step instructions Free craft for kids | Simple, fun fast, DIY Christmas card - CBBC - BBC

This can be made with paper if needed and you can choose any picture to go in the middle. Remember to upload your finished creations to Dojo so that we can see! :)


Monday 7th December - Sutton Hoo



For today's topic lesson, we would like you to watch the video from Mrs Leach explaining all about a fantastic Anglo Saxon burial site called Sutton Hoo. Using this, the Powerpoint and web links underneath, we would then like you to find the answers to as many of the questions in the Sutton Hoo booklet as you can. If you have a printer, please print off and complete; if you do not have a printer, write the answers you find either in your workbook or on a piece of paper. Remember your answers should be written in full sentences! You might have to use the internet to search for an answer or 2 - as ever, please ask permission to use the internet first. 

We look forward to seeing your answers posted on Dojo!



Topic Intro video

Still image for this video

Sutton Hoo booklet to complete and PowerPoint with information to help find the answers

Monday 30th November


Please follow this link to take you to the Topic section of our website where you will find today's lesson :)

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