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So this week in maths we are continuing to learn about-Time. We are focussing on:

  • Telling time to the half hour
  • Writing time
  • Comparing time


Show children a time to the half hour. Ask them to look at the hour and minute hand. What do they notice?

See link to an interactive clock:


Please watch the video below and complete the challenges explained underneath

Time Monday.mp4

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Circles and triangles: Complete the sheet with *

Squares and rectangles: Complete the sheet with ** 

Pentagons: Complete the sheet with *** (additional challenge if needed)

Jigsaw Jack - PSHE

We are still thinking about being safe and healthy and today we will be learning how to stay safe when crossing the road.  You will need to watch the video below, plus the additional video on the Green Cross Code.  There are then 3 small challenges to complete and the reflection piece.

crossing the road.mp4

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This week we are going to carry on thinking about the story 'Owl Babies'. We are going to be thinking of our own story about a baby woodland animal and writing a new version of the story. 


Activity: Draw or create your own woodland picture. Don't forget to include: trees, bushes, ground, the animal's home and the animal your story is going to be about. 

When you have finished, write a list/post-it notes with adjectives that describe your picture. What is the grass like? What are the leaves like? What is the animal's home like?


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This week in phonics we are revisiting the different ways of spelling the sound /ie/

Phonics Monday 8th Feb

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Reading comprehension


This week we are looking at capital letters and how to write them.  We will also practise writing words that have capital letters at the beginning of them.

Handwriting Monday Wk6.mp4

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