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Monday 24th May

Happy Monday Year 1 - the last Monday of Term 5 and we are back to home learning!   I know you will be amazing at it, just like you were all those weeks ago.  (I know the parents and carers will be too!)


As with the last lot of home learning each day there will be a selection of lessons, each with a video from one of the teachers explaining what the learning is and the follow up challenge.  You can choose which order you do the lessons in, all we ask is that you try to send us at least 1 picture of some home learning via tapestry or email so that we can see the amazing work you are doing.


Today your lessons are:

Literacy - our last Julia Donaldson story: Zog.  This week we will be completing tasks about what Zog would do each day at Dragon School, answering questions about the story using our different 'Reading Dogs', practising reading and writing tricky words and learning to spell the days of the week.  Each pencil group will complete each task throughout the week, so make sure you check what your pencil group is doing each day.


Maths - we will be revising 2D and 3D shapes today


Phonics - recapping the trigraphs 'air', 'ear', 'igh' and 'ure'.


Art - sketching your favourite Julia Donaldson character.


Watch the video story of Zog or read it at home if you have a copy.  Then watch the video explaining today's learning intention.  Each pencil group has a different activity that will be rotated throughout the week and differentiated accordingly.  If we return to school we will continue with the rotation so please make sure you only do the pencil challenge for your colour pencil.

Monday Literacy.mp4

Still image for this video

Literacy challenges


This week we are revising shape and measures starting with revising 2D shape.  Watch the attached video which will help you to remember the names of some common 2D shapes.  Then complete the challenges below.

Aut1.10.3 - Recognise and name 2-D shapes

This is "Aut1.10.3 - Recognise and name 2-D shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Maths challenge 1 - print out or just record answers in your home learning book

Maths Challenge 2

Can you go on a shape hunt around your house?  What 2D shapes can you see?  You can either take a photo of you with them and upload to tapestry or think of a way to record them in your home learning book.  When you find a shape can you then describe it?  Are any of the shapes in a different orientation (e.g. upside down to how you would normally imagine it)?

Which shape did you find the most of?

Maths Challenge 3

You have been set 2 2Do's on Purple Mash.  If you need help logging in please email your class teacher or contact them via Tapestry so they can send the details back to you.



This week in Art we are going to be illustrators and our project is to sketch a character from a Julia Donaldson book. We will watch how Axel Scheffler sketches some different characters and use these skills to sketch our own. You will need a pencil, some plain paper and a picture of the character you are going to use. Good luck!

24th May

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Miss Norman's Sketch

Still image for this video


Today we are revising trigraphs - these are sounds (phonemes) made from 3 letters (graphemes).  Watch the video reminding us of the 4 triagraphs we find in words and then complete the pencil colour challenge to match.

Monday phonics trigraphs.mp4

Still image for this video

Red, Green and Blue pencils - either print off the words below and sort into the right trigraph group or in your book write each word under the right trigraph sound.  Can you add sound buttons to help you read them?  Don't forget to put a line (sausage) under the trigraph.  As an extra challenge can you write a sentence using 1 or maybe more of these words?  Don't forget your sentence rules.

Yellow pencils - look at the words below.  They all contain the /igh/ triagraph.  Can you add sound buttons to them and read them.  Then sort them into real and nonsense words.  If you can't print the words out you could write them in 2 columns in your purple home learning book - 1 side real and 1 side nonsense.  Don't forget to add your sound buttons.

Orange pencils - can you add the trigraph /air/ to the words in the correct place to label each picture?  If you can't print out the sheet you could just write the labels in your purple book and where possible draw your own picture to match.

SEND activity - can you practise these sounds /g/ /o/ /c/ /m/ and /d/?  Look at the pictures - which of those sounds do they have in them?  If you can cut out and sort the pictures please do so - if not you can tell an adult which sound you can hear for each picture.

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