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This week in phonics we are continuing to look closely on sounds we have learnt before in a little more detail. There are sound sounds that have alternative ways of spelling them and sometimes even pronouncing them. This week we are focussing on the different ways of spelling the /or/ sound. 

Phonics 1st March.mp4

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OR family strip for reference


So this week in literacy we will continue writing our factual book about Africa. Today we will begin to look at African animals. Please watch the video below and refer to the challenges and documents underneath.

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Reading Comprehension


Today we are going to be learning about the country Kenya; where in Africa it is and some other interesting facts. We will also be using Google Earth to have a look at it from space!

If you would like to have a look at Kenya for longer than I show it in the video, please use the link below.,37.78303694,1918.87670753a,2380067.92106956d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCUpO_ejUn0lAEQi20DXSFUlAGbCN2vi7qv6_IXZHiG06mhbA


Activity: Identify Kenya on your map and label it. Can you remember where it's capital is? Find it and label it. 

Challenge: Find out which ocean is closest to Kenya and also find out where Mt Kenya is. Can you draw a symbol on your map to show where the mountain is? Label the ocean. 

Geography 1.3.21

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Warm up

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Input 1

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Mrs Bryant’s cat strikes again!

Input 2

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Today we are thinking about comparing groups of objects and the special vocabulary that we need to use when comparing objects.

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Circles Extension - which picture is the odd one out? Why?

Triangles Extension - can you answer the questions on the sheet?

Squares and Rectangles Extension - what could be the missing number?

Pentagons Extension - Do you agree and can you explain your answer?

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