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Hi Year 1 - our first full week of everybody home learning.  Today there will be videos and challenges for: Literacy, Maths, Phonics, Handwriting and Topic.  You can choose which order you do them in.  If you can't do the challenges please try and watch the videos so that you keep up to date with the input that we would have been doing in class.  We have tried to make as much of it practical based or to be recorded into your purple books.  There may be additional sheets you can print if you want - or you can copy the information into your purple books. If you want to do some reading and have finished your home reading books, don't forget you can log into Oxford Owl and choose a range of books to match your colour level.


For some challenges you will need to choose the right challenge that matches your work group.  If you want to try a challenge that has been set for a different group afterwards that is fine.


Don't forget if you take any photos please upload them onto Tapestry or if you need any help message your class teacher on there too.


We hope you enjoy the videos and challenges we have planned for the week.  We look forward to seeing all your amazing hard work.


Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Burkitt, Mrs Saelim, Miss Norman, Mrs Bryant and Miss Siddall


This week in Literacy we shall be reading and listening to a new style of poem which we will then use to write our own version by the end of the week.

Watch the video below to hear the new poem .

Monday literacy.mp4

Still image for this video
Challenge - in your purple books or on plain paper you will need to draw and label 10 things that you think you would find inside a wizards pocket.  Your adult can scribe your labels for you if you need help with that part or you can just tell them what they are.  Try to think of things that would not normally be found in a pocket or that would fit into a pocket.


We are starting a new topic in maths this week - 3D shapes! Last week we learnt about different 2D shapes and how we can describe them. This week we are going to think about 3D shapes - what they are called, how we can describe them and how they are different to 2D shapes. We have lots of fun activities for you all to try!


Today's Challenge:

Go on a 3D shape hunt. This can be in your garden or around your home. If you are not isolating you might even like to do your shape hunt on a walk outside! Tick of the different 3D shapes you have found and ask your adult to take some photos of the different 3D shapes you have found. An extra challenge would be for you to label the shapes in your photos. 


We have added a 3D shape pairs game as a small extra activity if you wish to use it. One card is the properties of the 3D shape and the other card has a picture and the name of the shape. 


Still image for this video


This week we are going to practise writing our 1 armed robot letters.  You can watch the video each day that will show you how to correctly form one of the letters and then a challenge will be set for you to practice them in different ways.

Today we are going to practice writing b.  Remember that you have a letter formation sheet in the back of your purple book and you can watch the videos on letterjoin too.

Letter b part 1

Still image for this video

handwriting part 2

Still image for this video

handwriting part 3

Still image for this video


Today we are going to learn about initial consontant blends - 2 consonant sounds at the beginning of a word that blend together.  They are not a digraph as you can hear both sounds.  Watch the video below which explains more and gives you some examples.

Monday phonics.mp4

Still image for this video

Challenge - look at the pictures on the attached document. 

Orange and Yellow pencils - say each word to describe the picture.  Can you hear the blend at the beginning?

Red and Green pencils - say each word to describe the picture and then write the word using your sound talk

Blue pencils - say and write the word to describe each picture,  Can you underline the 2 consontant letters that have been blended together at the beginning?

Topic - History

Watch the video below and compare hospitals from the past to hospitals now. 

History - comparing hospitals in the past and now

Still image for this video
Challenge -  you could print off the sorting sheet  below and sort the pictures into the two columns. Or split a page of your purple book in half and draw/write what hospitals were like in the past and now. You can always ask an adult to scribe your ideas too. 
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