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Hi Year 1

Today there will be videos and challenges for: Literacy, Maths, Phonics and Topic.  You can choose which order you do them in.  If you can't do the challenges please try and watch the videos so that you keep up to date with the input that we would have been doing in class.  We have tried to make as much of it practical based or to be recorded into your purple books.  There may be additional sheets you can print if you want - or you can copy the information into your purple books. If you want to do some reading and have finished your home reading books, don't forget you can log into Oxford Owl and choose a range of books to match your colour level.


For some challenges you will need to choose the right challenge that matches your work group.  If you want to try a challenge that has been set for a different group afterwards that is fine.


Don't forget if you take any photos please upload them onto Tapestry or if you need any help message your class teacher on there too.


We hope you enjoy the videos and challenges we have planned for the week.  We look forward to seeing all your amazing hard work.


Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Burkitt, Mrs Saelim, Miss Norman, Mrs Bryant and Miss Siddall


This week in Literacy we shall be reading and listening to a new story and be using it to learn about the suffixes ing/ed.

Watch the video below to hear our new story for this week.

Input video

Still image for this video

Story - The Runaway Iceberg

Still image for this video

Challenge - in your purple book can you write down a list of 'ing' words that you heard in the story. It might help to rewatch the story and pause when you see/hear an 'ing' word. Try to write down at least 5 words with the suffix 'ing'. Underline the suffix 'ing' at the end of the word.


For an extra challenge you might like to write down any more 'ing' words that you know. 


This week in maths our topic is length & height. You will be learning how to compare different lengths and heights using correct language.


Below is the video input for today's maths lesson. Make sure you listen really carefully to the different words used.

Maths input

Still image for this video


Today's maths challenge will be using the different vocabulary used to describe length and height. Please pick from the practical activity below or the printable activity below.


Circles and Triangles

Practical - Pick 2 objects and say/label them as smallest/biggest or shortest/tallest. Try to repeat with 4 different pairs of objects. 

Printable - Print off the 1 star sheets, cut out the 2 pictures and 2 labels. Stick the correct label under the pictures. 


Squares, Rectangles and Pentagons

Practical - Pick 3 objects, put them in size order and say/label them small/bigger/biggest or short/taller/tallest. Try to repeat with 4 different pairs of objects. 

Printable - Print off the 2 star sheets, cut out the 3 pictures, stick in order and write underneath the correct word from the key word sheet. 


In phonics this term we will be moving on to phase 5 and learning some new graphemes. Today we will be working on the grapheme 'ay'. Watch the video below to learn some words with today's sound.

Phonics - ay

Still image for this video
Challenge: Today's challenge is to find words with the 'ay' sound in a phoneme spotter. If you are able, I have uploaded a phoneme spotter underneath that can be printed and underlined/highlighted as a document. I have also uploaded it as a picture which you can use to find the ay words on your screen and write them down into your purple book. 

ay phoneme spotter


Today's lesson is a history lesson based on significant people especially explorers. Below is a video with lots of information about a range of significant people especially looking at polar explorers.

History video

Still image for this video



Orange, yellow and red  - Think about the story of Matthew Henson and his life as an explorer. You can print off the pictures and order his life (the 1 star sequencing cards below) or you can act out his journey to the North Pole. Verbally tell an adult why you think he was a significant explorer.


Green & Blue - Write a speech bubble for Matthew Henson describing why he is a significant person e.g. I am a significant person because I......

Below is a speech bubble you could print out or you could write directly into your purple books.  

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