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Monday 19th October:

Today the Year 1 children will be having PPA so they will be completing thier PE evaulations, a music lesson and computing.  In the afternoon they will be doing phonics and R.E.


Please find home learning linked to these lessons below:


This is our last week for P.E. and we need to think about the skills that we have been working on and improving.  We are going to think about the dance lessons that we have been working on in class and the skills we have had to learn this term.  

Please read through the evaluation form below (It is on the page twice).  If you are able to print it out you can and then circle / colour in the face that describes how you felt about each skill.  If you are unable to print it please read through and talk about what you have enjoyed the most and why.  The photos of our dance lessons are on Tapestry - Winter, Spring and Summer dances.  


This term we have been learning the Hip Hop song 'Hey You'.  We have listened to a range of hip hop songs from other artists including Will Smith, De La Soul and The Sugar Hill Gang.  Today Year 1 will be listening to Run D.M.C. and their hit 'It's Like That'.  They will answer all the questions on the screen and then read about the song.  You can either find the song on YouTube to listen to or use the login details below and visit our Music Website Charanga to work through step 6 of the unit.

Student login username: p1433850

Password: phrase


This will launch the Hey You scheme and you can work your way through the activities on Step 6.


1. Listen and appraise Run D.M.C.

2. Warm up games - find the pulse

3. Perform Hey You.


Perhaps you could video yourself completing task 2 or 3 and upload onto Tapestry for your teacher to see.


This term you have been learning how to code - telling a computer how to make things move by programming commands.  If you have access to a tablet you could see if you can access these apps which allow you to code: BeeBot, Daisy the Dinosaur or A.L.E.X.

If you do not have access perhaps you could think of your own codes for telling someone at home how to get from one place to another.  You would need to tell them the direction they need to travel in and how many steps they would need to move.  E.g. how to get from the front door to the kitchen.  What happens if you have not got your code correct?  Where do they end up?  Do they need to step over anything?

Guided Reading:

Today we are looking at the book 'Leek Hotpot' on Oxford Owl.  The login details for the website are on the front page of Home Learning.  You can listen to the story or have a try at reading it yourself.  In this book we are looking at words that contain the 'ee' and short 'oo' digraphs.

Look at the front cover - predict what you think the book might be about.  Is it a fiction or non-fiction book?  How do you know?

Read or listen to page 7 and then see if you can answer these questions.

What do we think this story will be about?  How do you know? Front cover

Who are Biff and Chip going to cook for?Pg 1

Why did they decide to cook leek hotpot?Pg 2

Who else was in the kitchen with Biff and Chip? Pg 3


What did dad say they could cook the leeks with? Pg 5

Why do they need a deep pot? Pg 7

Literacy writing rainbow challenge:

Last week we read the story of 'The Pirates Nextdoor' and wrote a letter to Jim Lad after he wrote to us.  Our rainbow challenge was to write a descriptive sentence about ourselves that we could use in our letter back to him.

Can you think of some descriptive sentences to write about Jim Lad?  You could use your FANTASTICs to describe him.

N - noticing: what does Jim Lad look like?  He wears a bandanna but tell me more about it.

C - checking/hearing: what do you think Jim Lad would say because he is a pirate?


Use the sentence openers or think of your own sentences to write about Jim Lad.  Can you remember your sentence rules: capital letter / finger spaces / sound talk and a full stop.


If you can't print out the sentences then you can write them on paper and perhaps draw a picture of Jim Lad to go with it.

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