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Mr Stanbra's Literacy/Spelling Set

Literacy 27.11.20

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In this lesson, we are going to write the final part of our story based on the book 'Journey'. We will be carrying on where we left off yesterday and be describing the castle the girl comes across after she sails down the river. Don't forget to check your work carefully after you finish and I cannot wait to see what you have written!

Spellings 27.11.20

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As it is Friday, today's lesson will be a spelling test on the words you have been learning this week. I will read out the words in the video and you need to write them down as you think it is spelt. If you need more time or want to hear the words again then you can pause or rewind the video. Remember to be honest with yourself when you mark your answers at the end. Good luck!

Literacy 26.11.20

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We are continuing the story of Journey in today's lesson, writing what the girl does next which is drawing a boat on the river and sailing down it. Do NOT start writing about the castle yet as that will be for the next literacy lesson. Otherwise have a go and use your imagination :)

Spellings 26.11.20


Try writing out this week's spellings in rainbow writing - write the word in different colours!


Either use the template below or write your spelling words directly into your book. If you do not have access to colour pens or pencils then try writing your words in bubble writing or any other style you prefer :)


To remind you, this week's spelling words are:











Literacy 25/11/20

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So in today's literacy lesson, we are carrying on writing our story picking up where we left off on Monday. You will be describing the forest that the girl sees after she walks through the door and your challenge is to use prepositions to help describe the setting. Do NOT go past the forest as we will be writing those parts in Thursday's and Friday's lessons.

Spellings 25.11.20


Practice your spellings on SpellingShed.

You need to log in to SpellingShed and click the assignment for this week's spellings.

Hopefully our group will be number 1 on the school leaderboard by the end of the day!


There is a link below to SpellingShed. If you need your login details then please message me on ClassDojo :)

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