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Spellings 04.02.21

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Today is a spelling test based on the words you have been learning this week. Remember to listen carefully to the words being said and that you can pause and rewind the video if you would like more time to write or hear the words again.

Good luck!

Spellings 03.02.21

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For today's spelling lesson, you will need to practise your words by creating a 'spelling web'. Watch the video to see the example and an explanation of how to do it. I have put a template below if you would prefer to print and use that.

Spellings 02.02.21

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For your spellings today, you will need to look at different sentences that will contain homophones from your spelling list. You will need to decide which word fits the best in the sentence based on their meaning and then afterwards see if you can think of any other homophone pairs (e.g. too/two). Lastly, you can choose to do any of the bonus activities at the end if you would like to practise your spellings more.

Spellings 01.02.21

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In this lesson, we introduce our new spelling rule for the week: homophones.
You need to watch the video and complete the activities with the teacher like adding the homophone in the gaps and then practising on SpellingShed as well.
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