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Today's learning:

Reading: First of all there was a mistake yesterday regarding the name of the book to read on Oxford Owl. It wasn't 'The Frog and the Princess', it was supposed to be 'The Frog Prince'. Link: My apologies for not checking this. There is a Jack and the Beanstalk reading comprehension for today that's been set.

Literacy: Today you've got to listen to the rest of Dogger and then use the planner to write your own story about a lost toy. Think about the things mentioned in each box and start planning what happens in your story. Finally, have a go at writing out your own version of the story. You can change the character's names and change the toy that your character loses. Try to include as much information as possible and include a beginning, middle (the problem) and ending. Use your neatest handwriting and think about different conjunctions and adjectives you could use. I've attached a prompt sheet to support you with things to remember to check in your writing.

Maths: Moving away from Weight today and you're going to be looking at Volume. Watch the video at for Lesson 3. You could use containers you have at home to illustrate some of the learning and terminology involved with volume. 'Full', 'Empty' 'Half full, 'nearly empty' etc. I don't think today's work is going to be too challenging for most. It's pitched at a fairly accessible level for the majority of children. You could begin to look at units of measurement for volume, millilitres and litres, and if you have a measuring jug at home start to fill containers containing set measurements or read measurements that have been pre-filled for an extra little task.

Enjoy your day guys!



Today's learning:

Reading: Log on to Oxford Owl and read (or your adult can read to you if you need a little help) the story of The Frog and the Princess. Once you've read it you can complete one of the worksheets: A day in the life or comparing characters based on what you have read. For the comparing characters work, you will need to pick two characters and say what is different about them in the venn diagram before writing any similarities in the middle. For a day in the life, you need to pretend you are the main character from the book and write what you would do if you spent 1 day as that character.

Maths: Measure mass in kilograms. Follow the video for Week 10 Lesson 2 and the have a go at the questions on calculating mass in kilograms following on from the work yesterday on grams. If you have scales that weigh in kilograms at home you can practice weighing heavier objects practically. Like yesterday, stick to whole numbers and half numbers and move on to different intervals if they are confident.

Literacy: Listen to the first half of Dogger (up to 3.30) Think about how Dave is feeling at this point in the story. First you need to create a Lost poster. You can draw a picture, write a description and say how you are feeling about losing him. Finally, think about your own precious toy. Write down why it is important and try to explain why. Use 'because' or 'as' to link your ideas together. You can draw a picture of your favourite toy if you want to as well.

Parents: We'll hopefully have some info about Year 3 for you all soon including the children's new teacher and how I will be able to support their transition when they return to school. I will share that with you as soon as I can and you can ask any questions you or the children might have.

Thanks for your continued support,

Mr Walsh



Today's learning:

Reading: Have a look at the Pobble 365 picture 'Journey to School'. Have a think about what you think the picture is showing and work through the Question time activity. Use your imagination! You could complete the sick sentences and the perfect picture task as an added extra.

Literacy: Listen to the story of Maisie and the Dragon again. Complete the work on word classes highlighting the nouns, adjectives and adverbs in different colours. See if you can remember what a noun, adjective and an adverb are or use the info sheet to help and remind you. You are then going to write how you would care for a pet dragon. Use the boxes on the sheet to write about each thing; food, exercise, toys and bedding. Try to use adjectives and adverbs in your work as well as different conjunctions.

Maths: Measure mass in grams. Follow the video for Week 10 Lesson 1 and the have a go at the questions on calculating mass in grams. To supplement this, if you do have kitchen scales at home, it would be really good to do some practical work on this too. You could weigh different objects and practice reading them off the scales (only go for grams at the moment, kgs tomorrow) or you could ask your child to measure out flour, sugar etc by giving them a weight to try and weigh out. Children need to know that 1000g = 1 kg over the next couple of days. Weighing on scales is difficult because the numbers are not all marked on the scales so start with reading scales for amounts where numbers are given before looking at what the scales go up in and practicing working out amounts where numbers are not given on the scales if your child is coping with everything else.

Thank you and have a great day!



Today's learning:

Reading: Read aloud with an adult. You can use the online books from Collins Connect/Oxford Owl or if you have any suitable books at home children could read these to you. The benefits of Oxford Owl/Collins Connect is that they have reading books arranged in reading levels in the same way we have at school which we send home. If you are unsure what level is most appropriate for your child just send a quick message. This task is a good one to be dipped in and out of throughout the week whether it be during the day time or as part of a bed time routine. Also, if you are able to, directly reading to your child and sharing stories is also really valuable.

Literacy: Listen to the story of Maisie and the Dragon at

Once you've listened, have a look at what prepositions are and complete the worksheet underlining all the prepositions you can find in the text. A preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is, in relation to another to something else. E.g: on, before, after, above, under etc. Have a go at writing your own sentences about the picture given using prepositions.

Finally, read the instructions on the task about speech and complete the speech bubble task writing down what the character you've chosen is saying to the dragon and what the dragon is saying.

(3 star Challenge only: Work with your parent to write out your speech bubbles using speech marks underneath by following the instructions)

Maths: Compare Mass. We are moving on to a new topic of WEIGHT. Open up and look for WEEK 9, LESSON 4. Follow the video and then have a go at completing the questions on the associated worksheet. You will be learning about the terms heavier and lighter today,

Have a great day everyone, Castle tasks and science tasks still an option to complete if you haven't had a chance to do many yet. Spellings are up too plus the usual extra tasks on the Year 2 page.

Mr Walsh



Good morning everyone! I'm feeling very happy this morning, I wonder if anyone knows why?

Reading: Hedgehogs reading comprehension!

Literacy: Watch the clip from Mary Poppins. The children in the video are discussing what the perfect child minder would be like. Have a think about what the perfect child minder would be for you! Think about their personality and their interests. Use the prompt sheets to plan an email to 'Child Minders R Us'. Complete the perfect babysitter worksheet and then write out your email explaining what you're looking for! You could even type this on a laptop or a tablet to make it seem a bit more real for you and then screenshot your email and upload. Bit of ICT in the English lesson! I look forward to reading some of these pieces of work!

Maths: Problem solving or mental arithmetic (or both!) (Week 9, Day 5) Mental Arithmetic available on the Hampton resources page for this week.

Selection of other activities available to compliment the core subjects.

Have a lovely day everyone!




Today's learning:

Reading: Chicken life cycke comprehension. Have a read of the different stages of a chicken's life and try to answer the questions about what you've read.

Writing: There is a reading comprehension to star off with if you wish to complete this today. If not, the main writing task is writing a postcard. Have a read of the postcard example and then think about what Mum might say back to Clarice's Grannie. Can you write about at least 2 of the disasters that happened? You can finish by drawing a picture that would go on the front of the postcard. Writing a postcard is like writing a letter. Remember to use the first person (I, me, my, we)

Maths: Block Diagrams. Block diagrams (or bar graphs) are the subject of today's maths. Have a go at interpreting the block charts and working out what the data shows by answering the questions. You will work on creating block charts in this piece of maths work too.

I hope you have a lovely day in the sun (again!) Make the most of it if you can outdoors.

Mr W :)




Today's learning:

Reading: The Enormous Turnip. Keep praciting your independent reading skills, learning new vocab and reading aloud by reading this comprehension and seeing if you can use you reading VIPERS to answer the questions. See if you can tell your adult what VIPERS stands for and how we practice reading comprehension in our normal reading lessons. (V = Vocabulary, I = Inference, P = Predictions, E = Explaining, R = Retrieving, S = Sequencing)

Literacy: Start off by having another listen to My Uncle is a Hunkle just to remind yourself of the story from yesterday. Once you've done this, have a read of the character profile of the mum. Can you highlight the adjectives, nouns and adverbs in the character profile using different coloured pens/highlighters/pencisl? Remember, Nouns = POP (people, objects, places) Adjectives are describing words and adverbs describe actions (look for -ly suffix)

Once you've done this check the answers to see how you got on! It doesn't matter if you missed a few you can add them in. You're now going to write your own character profile of your favourite character from the story,. Try to remember:

- Capital letters and full stops
- Adjectives
- Adverbs

Challenge: Can you use 2 adjective sentences? Can you use similes to describe your character?
Can you use a BOYS sentence? (But, Or, Yet, So in a sentence)

Maths: Following on from learning about tally charts, you are going to have a go at creating pictograms. The first sheet works on using 1 picture for 1 tally and the second sheet is a touch more difficult because 1 picture can equal 2, 5 or 10 tallies. You will be using your counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to solve these questions. Pictograms are a way of representing data but using pictures instead. You will practice interpreting pictograms and creating them in this work and there are 2 worksheets to complete as they are closely related.

That's the reading, writing and maths for you today! I hope you have a chance to enjoy the weather too!

Have a great day!



Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today's learning:

Reading: Reading: Read aloud with an adult. You can use the online books from Collins Connect/Oxford Owl or if you have any suitable books at home children could read these to you. The benefits of Oxford Owl/Collins Connect is that they have reading books arranged in reading levels in the same way we have at school which we send home. If you are unsure what level is most appropriate for your child just send a quick message. This task is a good one to be dipped in and out of throughout the week whether it be during the day time or as part of a bed time routine. Also, if you are able to, directly reading to your child and sharing stories is also really valuable.

Literacy: Go to and listen to 'My Uncle is a Hunkle' and then make a list of all the things that went wrong when Uncle Ted came over to babysit in the story. Can you write them in the right order in your list? Then choose your favourite disaster and retell what happened using conjunctions and adjectives. Try to use as much detail as you can so that if someone can understand the disaster you are explaining without having read the book themselves. Remember neatest handwriting, clear finger spaces and consider your spellings. Challenge: How many different conjunctions can you use to link your ideas together?

Maths: I have had to choose a different unit to the one running with videos on the White Rose website this week because we have already covered that area. This week is going to be data and statistics as our topic. Today is constructing tally charts, which most of the children will be very familiar with doing. They may need a little support to remind them about how to draw tallies initially and what they need to do when they get to 5 by crossing through the tallies and starting a new group of 5. Otherwise, hopefully today will be nice and straightforward.

As always, Spelling Shed, MyMaths, Purple Mash, Topic, Science and Well-being activities are all available to do too.

Have a great Monday!

Mr Walsh




Today's learning:

Reading: Sun and Beach safety reading comprehension. Not the best weather for getting stuck into this one but we've had some nice sunshine recently so you will be able to learn all about how to keep safe when your at the beach for next time you visit.

Maths: It's mental maths day and problem solving day so visit to find today's problem solving questions. The mental maths questions are on this week's section of the Hampton site too. See how many you can get right. Remember to use your written methods you've learned if you need to! See if you can get more right than you did last time!

Literacy: More poetry today and this time you need to read the Magic Pebble poem. Have a think about something special that you may have brought back from a day out or a holiday. I'd love to know what souvenirs you have that bring back special memories for you. Write about and describe your magical object using the instructions. You are practicing using commas in a list today so you will need to think of three or more things each time to construct sentences including this. As an extra challenge you could try putting the three adjectives at the beginning. (E.G Smooth, round and shiny, my pebble has always been so magical to me.)

Topic and science tasks are available along with all the activities on the online platforms. Keep remembering to practice your weekly spellings too if you can! They go up on spelling shed each week for you to learn and there are activities for these on the Hampton site too.

Well done for all your continued hard work this week!

Mr Walsh :)



Today's learning:

Reading: Read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and have a go at answering the questions abut this traditional tale I'm sure you've all read before! If you want you could have a go at reading a book or one off Oxford Owl or Collins Big Cat too.

Writing: Read the Poem 'Tell it to the dog'. Can you find the rhyming words in this poem. See if you can underline them. Then think about what you would moan about to a pet. Think of four things and write them down explaining them. Finally have a go at writing your own poem in the same style. You can use the template to construct this, copying out the bits that have been given. Hopefully you will be able to have a go at making your poem rhyme. There are some instructions to support this but this might require an adult to help guide this.

Maths: A bit more work on patterns with 2D and 3D shapes. Should be recapping existing learning and going over things again. Watch the video for day 4 and have a go at the questions.

Have a great day guys!

Mr W



Today's learning:

Reading: Pobble 365 - Thank you picture. Read the questions and have a go at answering them using skills of prediction, inference and explanation.

Writing: Listen to Willy the Dreamer today another book by Anthony Browne

Choose which book has been your favourite this week. Think about why it has been your favourite and try to explain your preferences aloud, explaining why. Take a look at the features of book reviews and read the example. Can you spot the features in this review? Finally, use the steps to write your own book review for one of the books you've listened to this week. I can't wait to read them!

Maths: Sorting 2D and 3D shapes. Have a look at the video available at Day 3. Today the children are sorting shapes by different criteria so will need to build on their understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes (2D = sides and vertices, 3D = edges, vertices, faces) and be able to group and sort them accordingly. This is more recapping work as we have done this before. Children will need to be aware of irregular and regular shapes (for instance, a shape is still an (irregular) hexagon if it has 6 sides even if they are not of equal length)

As you will know by now, a selection of other tasks are available to go along with the core subjects. Available on the website.

Have a great day!

Mr W :)




Today's learning:

Reading: Butterfly life cycle. Read the text and learn about how caterpillars become butterflies. Have a go at answering the questions to test your comprehension of what you've read.

Writing: Have a listen of Willy the Champ at and compare and contrast the story with Willy the Chimp which you read yesterday. Following on from this, have a go at writing a descriptive character profile of one of the characters from Willy the Champ. You can write about their appearance and personality in your descriptive paragraph. Then have a read of the prepositional phrases and use the picture of Willy and Millie in the park and write some sentences using prepositions. Follow the instructions on the crib sheet for some extra challenges.

Maths: Watch the video for Lesson 2 - and then take a look at your questions for today. You are counting faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes today so have a go at answering these. This will be recapping on learning we have already done so after a refresh from watching the video you'll be on your way!

Get outdoors if you can and enjoy this weather!

Have a lovely day!

Mr Walsh




Find attached the plan for this coming week.

Today's learning:

Reading: Reading: Read aloud with an adult. You can use the online books from Collins Connect/Oxford Owl or if you have any suitable books at home children could read these to you. The benefits of Oxford Owl/Collins Connect is that they have reading books arranged in reading levels in the same way we have at school which we send home. If you are unsure what level is most appropriate for your child just send a quick message. This task is a good one to be dipped in and out of throughout the week whether it be during the day time or as part of a bed time routine. Also, if you are able to, directly reading to your child and sharing stories is also really valuable.

Literacy: Use the link to watch the video of the story of Willy the Wimp. then make a list of all the things Willy does in the story to get strong. The children can use bullet points to make their lists. Then think about how the character changes. Draw pictures of him at the beginning and at the end. You could write sentences to go with the pictures if you like too.

Extension: Write about a time when you were brave. You could draw a picture too.

Maths: Watch the video for Lesson 1 - and then have a go at answering the questions on the sheets. Shape is an area we have covered this year already so this should be a refresh week of work. *Fingers crossed*. They are counting sides and counting vertices on 2D shapes today/

There are plenty of extra learning ideas and opportunities on the Year 2 pages.

Have a brilliant day Y2!

Mr Walsh



Today's learning:

Reading: Fairytale Ending on Pobble 365. Have a look at the image and have a go at answering the questions in the ' Question Time' section. These tasks are designed for deep thinking and there are lots of answers that are acceptable. Children should use their imaginations and let them run a bit wild with this one!

Writing: Read 'My step-dad is an alien' and underline the nouns and adjectives. There is a 'Nouns and adjectives' powerpoint to run through if you wish to. Then read 'My step-mum is an alien' and have a go at writing a poem about a relative in the same way. Use the step-by-step instructions to create this piece of writing.

Maths: Problem solving questions on The White Rose Maths site. It's Week 7 Lesson 5. It is football themed this week and is brought to you by BBC Bitesize and the Premier League and is all to do with Position and Direction! Enjoy! Also mental arithmetic questions are on the Hampton site too for a quick quiz. (1 star and 2/3 star)

Science, Topic, Well-being and other activities are also available on the Hampton website.

Have a lovely Friday, Foxes, I've seen so much brilliant work this week already aaaaaand.... it's nearly the weekend!

Mr Walsh



Today's learning:

Reading: Knights and Dragons Unite! Reading Comprehension. Enjoy the story with a nice link to our topic! See if you can answer the questions about what you've read. (or listen to me read it to you and follow along and then answer the questions) Use this link to view this:

Writing: Read the poem 'Out of a Cloud'. Can you talk about any features you see in the poem. How many verses does the poem have? Today you are looking at rhyming words. See if you can find the words that rhyme. Can you think of any other words that rhyme with these words? Write them down next to each verse. Finally have a go at answering the questions about where Desmond has gone. You could draw a picture of Desmond in a UFO too.

Maths: Repeating patterns is the subject today. Think about the position and direction of the shapes and how they fit in the sequence. Page 1 involves ticking the correct shapes that complete the sequence and there's some reasoning and problem solving on page 2. Give them a go. Remember clockwise and anti clockwise, quarter turns, half turns, three quarter turns and full turns will help you with this work.

Have a great day!



Today's learning:

Reading: Bean life cycle reading comprehension (1 star, 2 star or 3 star) As normal, children to have a go at reading, support if needed with the text. Have a go at answering the questions!

Writing: Look at the features of a recipe. Have a think about something you've made before or parents can help children with ideas. Can be as simple as making a sandwich and perhaps they could do this for their lunch today. Try and create a recipe using the features guide!

Maths: Describing movement and turns. Bit of the last two days learning brought together today. Have a recap of left/right/forwards/backwards/up/down/clockwise/anti-clockwise etc and then give the questions a go. Last little chunk on position and direction today before patterns tomorrow. :)

As you know already, loads of different practical ideas available on the Home Learning pages on the website your child might enjoy as well as on our online platforms. If you need passwords resent just message.

I don't know if it's always clear from me, but I completely understand if it isn't possible at home to do most of, or any of, the home learning we are setting each week. Don't feel pressured by these daily messages. They are just there for a tiny bit of support should you need them. I'm trying to do my bit as much as I possibly can under the circumstances. I know it's not an ideal situation and there's nothing more I want to do than have all the children in and be properly teaching them like I normally would. Learning can be done in a variety of ways and written work is just one of a number of options. Being outdoors, exercising and doing practical activities is equally important. I'm working on ways I can best support the Y2 children's transition to returning to school (whenever that may be) and when they eventually move up to Y3. An important transition made more challenging by this situation. It's very much at the forefront of my mind and I completely understand that for some there will be some anxieties and worries around this. I will support as much as I can for every child.

Have a lovely day whatever you're doing!



Today's learning:

Reading: The Soundkeeper poetry comprehension. You could introduce this by talking about poetry and how it differs to fiction and non fiction as a text type. Explain that there are many types of poems, often around a central theme or subject and they sometimes use rhyme. The Soundkeeper is a rhyming poem. Your child can read the poem independently or aloud to you, you can support with any challenging words. Ask some questions around the purpose of the poem and what the poet is saying and describing then have a go at the comprehension questions. Encourage your child to read the questions themselves or out loud to you and writing down their answers.

Writing: Today's work is similar to a day we had last week and is around simple and progressive past tense. I would say read the Morning in the Forest text and then do the highlighting but If your child understood this topic last week then I would say use your judgement and maybe skip task number 3 and focus on doing the family survey of each member's favourite food. This will be a nice fun task for children to do and might be a little less drab than going over past and progressive tense again and again if they understood it ok already. :)

Maths: Describing turns. You could encourage tour child to do this by standing up and actually completing the turns themselves at first. (quarter turn, half turn, full turn) The best way to explain clockwise and anti clockwise is to look at a clock and the way the hands turn. See if the children can turn clockwise and anti clockwise themselves. (they can hold their thumbs out pointing right and left and move clockwise to the right, anti clockwise to the left) See how they get on with answering the questions. If it's a difficult one especially without a video, try the questions in the Y1 unit available on the website. (Y1 Summer block 3 Describe Turns) (Revision sheet also attached to go with position and direction)

As always there are plenty of topic and science activities to choose from too! As well as exercising and being outdoors! It looks like a lovely day today certainly at the moment.

Enjoy your day Year 2!

Mr Walsh



Today's Learning:


Find attached the home learning plan for this week.


Reading: Read aloud with an adult. You can use the online books from Collins Connect/Oxford Owl or if you have any suitable books at home children could read these to you. The benefits of Oxford Owl/Collins Connect is that they have reading books arranged in reading levels in the same way we have at school which we send home. If you are unsure what level is most appropriate for your child just send a quick message. This task is a good one to be dipped in and out of throughout the week whether it be during the day time or as part of a bed time routine. Also, if you are able to, directly reading to your child and sharing stories is also really valuable.


Literacy: Have a read of the Animal Recipes text together. Discuss which meal your child likes best and encourage them to explain why using 'because' in their spoken sentence. Looking over the recipes, can children look and highlight the 'bossy' verbs. Explain that their technical name is an imperative verb but we can call them bossy verbs because they tell us what to do. They instruct. They are often found in COMMAND sentences. (One of the four sentence types. Along with statement, exclamation and quesion) Can your child spot where the bossy verbs are placed in command sentences? (They are always at or near the beginning.) Then encourage your child to come up with their own animal or one from the animal suggestions section and write a brief paragraph explaining what meal they think their animal would eat. Can they use a 'because' conjunction to explain why they think this. Extension: Keep a food diary of everything your child eats today. Can they explain what they like best and say why? (Paragraphs don't need to be really long just a short paragraph today is fine)


Maths: There are no White Rose Videos to go with this unit on Position and Direction this week. I apologise for this. White Rose have decided to do Fractions again which is something we have covered and position and direction is an area we did not manage to teach before school closure. I have attached a crib sheet. Hopefully it's fairly self explanatory but I will provide some lesson notes for you to follow to support each day. Next week, I think it's back to normal. Today they start with up, down, left and right so teach your child how to remember left and right. (You can create an 'L' shape with your left hand) Explain that even if you spin round 180 degrees, your left side will still be your left side. When using the grids, explain that it is important to check which way the animal is facing because this shows that direction they are moving in. Move on to working on forwards and backwards counting the spaces each time. Explain to children they shouldn't count the space they start on because this is not a movement, this is where it starts. 


There are SPaG/Spelling/Handwriting/Topic/Science tasks all on the website too along with Purple Mash/MyMaths/Spelling Shed activities. There are a range of activities for children with SEN as well if this is more appropriate for your child. I can explain these in detail personally to you if you are using them so please send a message if you require any specific support around the SEN resources.


Thank you.

Picture 1



Today's Learning:

Reading: Little Red Riding Hood Reading Comprehension. Encourage your child to read it aloud to you or to themselves. The children can do the same with the questions and you can encourage them to retrieve the answers by finding them in the text. You could talk to them about what type of text it is (Fairytale, Traditional story, fiction) and whether they know of any other traditional tales like Little Red Riding Hood.

Literacy: Have a read of Diary of a Kangaroo and discuss who your child thinks has been the most mischievous; the kangaroo or the wombat from the previous days. You can verbally ask your child to find the answers to the questions about the features of the diary entry and then encourage your child to write their own diary entry using their plan from the previous day. In this writing, ensure they think about how they lay out their writing, using conjunctions and the correct punctuation.
(3 Star challenge: Can they use their learning on different forms of the past tense to write in the progressive form?)

Maths: Visit and complete questions 1, 2 and 3 from the challenge activity.

Mental Arithmetic: 1 Star - Maths Quiz 1 and/or 2
2/3 Star - KS1 Mental Arithmetic Test 1
Addition/Subtraction - Base 10 charts (or inverse/number lines for missing number problems)
Multiplication - using circles to represent the groups
Division - Sharing using stick people
Fractions - Draw a circle and split it in half/quarter/thirds, share the number around the parts (Examples of simple methods the children have learned are attached above but excuse the poor drawings! I usually have a whiteboard pen and a huge screen to write on! I hope they make sense. If you or your child are not sure how to approach a question, let me know and I will see if I can explain it better)

There are SPaG/Spelling/Handwriting/Topic/Science tasks all on the website too along with Purple Mash/MyMaths/Spelling Shed activities. There are a range of activities for children with SEN as well if this is more appropriate for your child. I can explain these in detail personally to you if you are using them so please send a message if you require any specific support around the SEN resources.


Have a great Friday.



Today's learning:

Reading: How to look after a dog - Reading Comprehension. Encourage your child to read it aloud to you or to themselves supporting them with any tricky or new vocabulary. Do the same with the questions encouraging them to retrieve the answers in the text. You could talk to them about what type of text it is (Non fiction, explanation) and if they have any pets at home, the things they do to look after them.

Writing: Go to and listen to a different person reading the Diary of a Wombat story. Ask which your child prefers and why. Then read the conjunction words on the attached sheet. Explain that conjunctions are linking words. We can join two clauses together. Take a look at the worksheet and see if children can pick the best conjunction to link the clauses together. (E.g: I was banging on the dustbin SO the humans came running out of the house) Children can either write the whole thing out again or just cross out the full stop and write the conjunction in the middle. Explain that more than one conjunction might be able to be used. Next, encourage children to pick an animal that would cause lots of trouble for your family. Complete the planning sheet choosing a day of the week and three things the animal would do to cause trouble. There are some ideas on the last sheet in the document.

Maths: Odd and even numbers. This is an area again, that we have worked on this year so hopefully this is recapping. Show the white rose video: (Lesson 4 - Odd and even numbers)
You could also show them the Odd Todd and Even Steven song
They could also watch the odd/even Numberblocks episode
Discuss that even numbers can be shared equally by 2 but odd cannot. Even numbers are the numbers we say when we count in 2s and are in the 2 x table. Encourage the children to count in 2s for you. Can they count in odd numbers (1, 3, 5 ,7 ,9) Make it clear that when we are looking at odd and even numbers we need to study the ones column. (The last digit in the number) This will tell us quickly whether it is odd or even. Have a go at completing the questions on the worksheet.

There are SPaG/Spelling/Handwriting/Topic/Science tasks all on the website too along with Purple Mash/MyMaths/Spelling Shed activities. There are a range of activities for children with SEN as well if this is more appropriate for your child. I can explain these in detail personally to you if you are using them so please send a message if you require any specific support around the SEN resources.

Thank you.



Today's learning:

Reading: -
-unexpected-adventure/ An Unexpected Adventure on Pobble 365. Have a look at the picture and encourage children to interpret what they think is happening. They can use their imaginations to come up with whatever ideas they like. If they are finding it difficult prompt them using the questions in the question time activity or they could just write their answers to them. This task is designed around children making predictions and explaining their ideas. They can complete any of the other extra activities if they want to as well.

Writing: Have a watch of the video of the story Diary of a Wombat again
Ask children what verbs are. In class we refer to them as 'action words'. Also ask what does the 'past tense' mean. We explain this by saying we use the past tense when we are writing about something that has already taken place. We have some actions we use for 'verbs' and 'past tense' you can ask the children if they can remember them! (For 'verbs' they move their arms as if they are jogging and for past tense 'they point their thumbs behind them over both their shoulders) Look at the Monday and Tuesday days in the diary video and note down all the verbs (action words) used in the book on those days. Explain that these verbs are written in the past (they end in -ed and are the simple form of the past tense)

Extension (2/3 star) Changing the simple past tense to the progressive past tense. Highlight the simple past tense verb first then change it to the progressive form. (EG: Wombat slept ---> Wombat was sleeping, Wombat ate ----> Wombat was eating etc) Do this the opposite way around too if you're feeling confident!

Extension (1 star) Draw a picture of yourself completing an action and write a sentence using a past tense verb.

Maths: The task today is around dividing using a grouping method. Have a watch of the video on White Rose. (Lesson 3 - Grouping) and talk through the answers on screen pausing where necessary. The children have used a grouping method before in lessons on division at school but might need some refreshing. Encourage them to put the objects into groups and circle equal numbers reminding them of the importance of grouping equally. If children were completing division questions using a grouping method, for example 20 grouped by 5, we would encourage them to draw 5 crosses first and then circle, and repeat until they got to 20, counting in 5s. They woild then find the answer by counting how many groups had been circled. They would be grouping by 2, 3, 5 and 10 in class.

There are SPaG/Spelling/Handwriting/Topic/Science tasks all on the website too along with Purple Mash/MyMaths/Spelling Shed activities. There are a range of activities for children with SEN as well if this is more appropriate for your child. I can explain these in detail personally to you if you are using them so please send a message if you require any specific support around the SEN resources.

Enjoy your day everyone! :)



Today's learning:

Reading: Motte and Bailey Castles - Begin by choosing a star level. Encourage your child to read it either aloud or to themselves but support with any new vocabulary if needed. You could ask your child what type of text they think this is (Non-fiction, factual, information) which links to the learning on Wombats from the previous day. Ask your child to try and read the questions independently but support if they find anything tricky about this. They might want to talk about their answers before writing them or ticking them. Encourage them to refer to the text to prove how they know the answer. They could underline or highlight where the answer can be found in the text.

Writing: Have a watch of the video of the story Diary of a Wombat together
Refer back to the different text types in yesterday's lesson and decide which type of text this is. You can make comparisons with yesterday's text because this is fiction and a story written in the style of a diary about a Wombat as opposed to an information text. Next, work on ordering the days of the week (this will be useful when it comes to writing a diary) and then do some quick spelling practice - Look at the word, cover it over, Practice writing and then uncover and check. If they make a mistake, it's ok just correct and have another go. Maybe practice writing these 2 or 3 times. Finally, explain that the story is written in the 1st person (we have learned this before when studying diaries) look at the pictures and write a brief 1st person sentence from the point of view of the wombat and then the point of view of the family.

Maths: The task today is around making equal groups and sharing equally between groups. Have a watch of the video on White Rose. (Lesson 2 - Sharing) and talk through the answers on screen pausing where necessary. When completing the sheet work through the division questions using a sharing method. We explain this to children by saying when an amount is shared each person must have exactly the same or it would be unfair. To do this, we need to share out one by one. The way we have taught this in school is to use stick people. So if the question is 20 shared by 4 we would encourage the children to draw 4 stick people and then share 20 using circles or crosses one by one until they've counted to 20. They could use a scrap piece of paper to complete any working out like this to answer some of the questions.

There are SPaG/Spelling/Handwriting/Topic/Science tasks all on the website too along with Purple Mash/MyMaths/Spelling Shed activities.

Have a great day everyone!



Morning Foxes Parents,

Find attached the home learning plan for this week. You can view and download any associated resources from

I thought I'd try and give you a brief paragraph around the tasks each day to help explain them a bit to those able to deliver them. I'm hoping it may be a little useful to some.

Today's learning:

Reading: Read aloud with an adult. You can use the online books from Collins Connect/Oxford Owl or if you have any suitable books at home children could read these to you. The benefits of Oxford Owl/Collins Connect is that they have reading books arranged in reading levels in the same way we have at school which we send home. If you are unsure what level is most appropriate for your child just send a quick message. This task is a good one to be dipped in and out of throughout the week whether it be during the day time or as part of a bed time routine. Also, if you are able to, directly reading to your child and sharing stories is also really valuable/

Maths: The 10 x Table. Children have been practicing this times table in school since we started in Y2. Have a watch of the White Rose video and then attempt the questions. Children could practice their 10s by counting in 10s, followed by counting using the multiplication sentence (1 x 10 equals 10, 2 x 10 equals 20 and so on) Spot the pattern when written down and reinforce this. (All answers have a 0 in the ones column, you could test them by asking if 67 would be in the 10 x table to see if they can recognise it doesn't fit the rule)

Literacy: Finding out about Wombats. Day 1 is a reading comprehension all about wombats. Encourage the children to read bits of it if they want to/can. If not, it's ok for you to support them as there is some tricky vocabulary. Try and explain what any new vocabulary means to develop children's understanding. Discuss what type of text it is (Fiction/Non Fiction or Poetry) and then look at the different text types. Can your child explain what any of the text types are first? Followed by identifying which ones best fit the text they've read. Tick or cross these paying attention to why they do and why they do not apply. Finally, children can have a go at answering the comprehension questions. Encourage them to refer to the text to find their answers. They could do this verbally to you or by writing their answers down.

There are SPaG/Spelling/Handwriting/Topic/Science tasks all on the website too along with Purple Mash/MyMaths/Spelling Shed activities.

Have a great day everyone whatever you're up to! Any questions please ask away.

Mr Walsh

Letters to Foxes Class

Letters to Foxes Class 1
Letters to Foxes Class 2
Letters to Foxes Class 3
Letters to Foxes Class 4
Letters to Foxes Class 5





It's been a while since I've written a blog post because I've been trying to keep in touch using Class Dojo but as we haven't got absolutely everyone signed up just yet I thought I'd go back to writing some little messages on here again. 


Since the Easter break I know we've been pretty focused on completing lots of different pieces of school work but I thought it would be nice to set up some little challenges again like we had going over Easter. It feels like ages ago you were doing your nature scavenger hunts outdoors and I really enjoyed seeing them and as the weather is looking like it's beginning to brighten up again it might be nice to go back to it!


I found this outdoor craft activity idea: leaf necklaces. Instructions are attached below. I'd love to see some of your creations!


Have a lovely day!


Mr W :)





Hi Year 2,


I just wanted to say a huge well done to the children first for your incredible home learning this week! I have been lucky enough to see lots of it on your Class Dojo portfolios which has been really great for me to see and we are very proud! 


Parents: If you still haven't signed up to Class Dojo it's not too late! Just send us an email and we will set you up as soon as we can. If you are signed up, let us know if you are having difficulty uploading things. we can help with that too.


Finally, a parent asked me for some advice on some good websites to explore information on the rainforest and I thought I would let everyone know some good sites to use:


I've also attached a learning booklet that's really child-friendly which would be useful for finding out lots of information. This can be found below. 


Take care,


Mr W :)



Information on the Congo Rainforest




Just a reminder you can access reading books for each age group on the Oxford Owl website. Link:

We have set up some free logins. Click 'My Class Login' at the top of the page and enter:

Username: hamptonfox
Password: 2020


Username: hamptonbadger

Password: 2020


Username: hareclass

Password: 2020

Any questions, please ask.




Morning everyone,

It should have been the start of a new term today and it continues to be a difficult time for all of our children. We all wish they were being welcomed back through the doors this morning like they ordinarily would at the beginning of a new term so they could see their friends and carry on where they left off. With that in mind, we just wanted to say we wish you all the best whether you are planning on doing any home learning with your children today and for the rest of the week, or if your circumstances mean you are unable to support your child with these tasks due to work or other commitments.

We have attached the home learning plan on the 'Home learning packs' tab for the week ahead for those who need it and I hope the resources are as easy to follow as they possibly can be for you. I am well aware that some of you will have issues with IT, especially if you have more than one child doing learning at home. Just send us a message if things are proving a challenge.

Keep us updated if you can with how things are going if you are in a position where you are able to deliver any of these resources, or any of your own. We will respond to learning uploaded to the children's portfolios and we look forward to seeing anything they've been up to.

We are all missing being able to teach them very much.

Stay well,

Mr Walsh, Mrs Bryant, Mrs Sexton and Miss Siddall



Hi Year 2,


Bit of a late post today on this Sunday evening! I've been playing football with Harry, we went on a walk, did some baking and I've been on a ride this evening so I've had a fairly busy day and I'm more than ready for bed! I hope you have all had a good day too whatever you've been up to! 


I'm attaching another list of activity ideas. We have provided an extensive number of learning resources (available on the Home Learning tab) and we want to make sure we give you all some well-being based resources too for the week ahead should you wish to try some. It's really important that you are looking after your well-being at this moment and the document I've attached below has some nice ideas on should you have any spare time to have a go at any of them. 


I hope you have a lovely week everyone, I think I'm going to be blog posting a little less frequently from now on so I can give you all the chance to get on with whatever you're up to. Story time will go back to being a daily thing so if you want to listen to a story from me check the website in the evening each day. I will do my best to get it uploaded before you go to bed but sometimes my two children are a little time consuming around this time! Teachers will be keeping in touch with you all via Class Dojo where necessary and the next learning pack will be available from next Friday. 


Parents: We're here to support you if you need us at all. Don't forget that.


Sleep well everyone,


Mr W :)



Picture 1



Morning everyone,


Just to let you all know that along with the learning resources we added yesterday for next week, you should see new tasks being added to the various online platforms over this weekend that we have available for you to do activities and learning on. Just to clarify what these are:


Purple Mash - New range of extra Rainforest '2do' topic tasks have been set for every class.

MyMaths - Range of maths challenges and homeworks set for each class.

Spelling Shed - New Spellings have been added for Term 5 Week 1. Common exception word lists will be there too for extra practice.

Diagnostic Questions (Foxes Maths only) - New assignments have been added.


Again, please remember we are trying to provide you with a load of options for you to choose from should you wish to, over the coming weeks. This is to make it as easy as possible (not as hard as possible!) We are not in any way saying this all needs to be completed. It is all there to compliment anything you wish to do with your child at home. 


Any questions about any of the online learning, let us know!


Mr W :)






Morning everyone,


I just wanted to let you and your parents know that the learning resources for next week have now been added to the website under 'Home Learning Packs'. I hope you enjoy doing some of these activities next week and I'm looking forward to seeing some more pieces of your brilliant work! 


I hope you have a great last Friday of these Easter 'holidays' whatever you may be doing. If you are looking for another challenge for the weekend, I was thinking about how much I'm missing hearing you all read to me and talking with you about what you are reading at the moment. If you are signed up to Class Dojo, maybe you could get a parent/carer to record you reading one of your own reading book (or an extract if it's a longer book). Choose one that you feel confident with reading and then add the video to your portfolio. It's a nice easy one to have a go at, hopefully wouldn't take too long I hope and it would cheer me and your teachers up no end. It can be like your own version of story time but this time it's your turn! You could even choose to read aloud in your favourite place to read in your house.


Mr W :)

A small selection of your amazing work from the Easter Holidays!



Hi guys,


Just a quick post today to see if you've seen the news about Captain Tom Moore who is 99 years old and has raised more than £10 million for the NHS by doing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. I thought you could do some research on why he has become so famous in the past few days and I know a lot of children around the country are making birthday cards for Captain Tom to say thank you for his incredible fundraising and wondered if it would be something you guys might want to do. If you add them to Class Dojo I can send them to his family on Twitter using the hashtag #makeacardfortom or you can get parents/carers to do this yourself if they are on Twitter themselves. You can also send any cards yourselves by post to: 


Captain Tom Moore

C/O Post Office Limited

67 Bedford Road,

Marston Moretaine

MK43 0LA





Mr W :)



Morning Year 2,


I'm going back to nature today with my little challenge activity. Thank you to all those that completed scavenger hunts and have been investigating minibeasts in your gardens and outdoors over the last couple of weeks. You've done some amazing work! For today, I thought you could combine nature with art. Collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture or sculpture. I have attached an example below. You could make whatever you like! Upload any pics you take so I can see your wonderful work!


Happy making!


Mr W :)






FAO Year 2 Parents


Good afternoon Year 2 Parents/Carers,

Just a quick message to say I hope you are all keeping as well as can be whatever circumstances you are facing at the current moment. I appreciate this is an extremely difficult time in so many different ways for everyone and we will try to do our best over the coming weeks to ensure you have everything you need to support you and your children with their education at home whilst they are unable to attend school.

The next learning packs will be available online from the 17th of April. Each week we will be adding new activities for Reading, Writing, Maths and Topic as well as specific resources available for our children with Special Educational Needs. We will be making a wide selection of resources available to assist you with any home learning tasks you want to provide to your child. These will be made available alongside the online learning through the MyMaths and Spelling Shed websites.

It's really important that you don't put unnecessary extra pressure to complete absolutely everything we make available each week. If that works for your child then by all means do so, but I would say build a timetable that works for you and your child first and foremost. This will be different to other families and that is fine! It might be different from one day to the next as well. This is fine too. We are all in unchartered territory and you are doing such an incredible job under such challenging circumstances so please remember to go easy on yourselves as we move forward.

As always, we will be on hand to help and support you should you need anything at all in terms of supporting your child's home learning over the coming weeks. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems that come up.

One final thing I wanted to add was that we have seen a large number of parents/carers sign up for Class Dojo so thank you to you if you have already done so. If you would still like to sign up please make contact with your child's teacher who can help you with the sign up process.




Good afternoon Year 2 children,


A little activity for you today that I thought you might like. It's a little game you can play with some questions involved. If you can't print it you could copy the board and the questions on to paper which could be a way of working around that problem. I hope you're enjoying your Easter break so far whatever you've been up to. The year 2 teachers are busy preparing you some fun new learning activities for next week at the moment and we will have them available for you on Friday. 


Speak tomorrow,


Mr W :)

Bob Marley- Three Little Birds



Hi everyone,


My apologies for the late blog post today and some gaps in story videos. I have been having some problems uploading to YouTube for some reason. It's been saying it will take over 24 hours to upload so I haven't been able to get them done! I think it's working now so should be back to normal fingers crossed!


I saw a nice, easy activity for you to add on here today that some of you might want to do. You're probably doing this anyway but it would be nice to see it on your Class Dojo pages if you have them. As it's very hard to see lots of our family and friends at the moment I thought you could maybe ask your parents/carers if you could have a go at making a phone call/video call/facetime call/Zoom call/whatever technology you can use. There are some instructions in the document below but it's pretty self explanatory. Get on the phone, have a catch up with someone you love or maybe even a school friend! I know some of the children in Year 2 did a facetime call the other day so this was very much my inspiration for this task! You could plan your call beforehand and write down some of the things you want to talk about or questions you could ask. Get your parents to snap a photo and write who you called on Class Dojo if you can!


Missing you all very very very very very very very very very very much!


Mr W :)


Picture 1



Gooooooood Mooooooorningggggggggg Year 2!


I'm expecting you to respond with 'Good Morning Mr Walsh, good morning evvvvvveryone! If you say it loud enough I will hear you, I promise! :)


Another good day of weather on the cards today so I hope you have a great day whatever you get up to! I went on a bike ride yesterday and I think I'm going with my family today. I need to wake my legs up though first because they're a little tired! 


I thought about another challenge for you again today that you could do and I found one where you create a menu. I thought I'd add my own twist to it though because it's easter tomorrow. Use the sheet I've attached below to create a Easter menu. This could include any type of food you like of course but as it's Easter and chocolate is on our minds, I wondered if you could make a chocolate themed menu with all of the chocolate treats you can think of. It can be as chocolate crazy as you like! I'm talking chocolate chunks dipped in chocolate fountains and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Don't forget the chocolate eggs too! You can decorate your menu, add pictures whatever you like! Anything goes! I know it might be a tricky time to see some of your family members at the moment and you may not be able to receive all of your chocolate eggs by tomorrow but this will activity might give you a smile or two if you're feeling a bit down about that. Who knows, you might even be able to make something chocolatey if you have any ingredients to hand. It's just an idea, you must ask your parents/carers first and make sure it's at a time that is convenient for them!


Right, I hope you have a great day!


Mr W :)







I finally had a hair cut yesterday. I'm quite lucky because as you all remind me fairly frequently at school, I'm only just about clinging on to the remaining hair I have left and Mrs Walsh couldn't really go too far wrong! I was a little bit nervous at the beginning that Mrs W would 'accidentally' cut it all off as you can see from the picture below! It turned out ok in the end thankfully! 


Anyway, another little idea for something to occupy you all today if you are stuck for ideas:


I wondered if you would like to either write a diary entry (instructions below) or record a diary entry maybe? The first option would be a good option if you don't have class dojo but if you do have class dojo you could use the 'video recording' feature on there to record a video diary or get a parent/carer to record it on a tablet/phone for you. You could talk about the things you've been up to and what you've enjoyed so far in the Easter hols maybe? If you find it challenging, you could ask a parent to ask the questions and you could do your best to answer them maybe? Your parents can help you to upload it to Dojo if you ask nicely. If you like doing this, it might be something you want to keep up and do again. Just an idea, but hopefully one that some of you might be interested in doing. 


Have fun in your gardens, homes and if you make it out for some exercise today! 


Mr W :)

Picture 1



Morning Year 2!


I'm awake nice and early today thanks to my 2 year old (not bitter at all!) so I thought I'd come downstairs and have a look for something fun you can do today. As it's nearly Easter, I know lots of you will have one thing on your mind...CHOCOLATE! So what better activity could there be than designing an Easter egg hunt. Activity and instructions are attached underneath this post. If you want to, you could ask your parents/carers to boil some real eggs if they have any spare (I appreciate eggs are like gold dust at the moment!) and you could paint or decorate patterns on the eggs and these could be the ones you hide when you eventually set the hunt up. You could also design some easter eggs on paper or card and cut these out and hide these. I have attached a template for this. This is very much the planning phase though, it's not quite Easter just yet so you could put all your work somewhere safe ready for the weekend of course. Your parents can help decide when's best to do it. Happy Easter egg hunt planning!


I'm really enjoying seeing the updates on Class Dojo, keep them coming!


Speak soon,


Mr W :)





Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Audio)



Hi everyone,


I found another good resource for you yesterday that has a range of activities in for your whole family. I have attached it below if you are interested in having a look. There are some riddles and some games in there that might be a nice thing to have a go at. I hope you're all keeping safe, happy and well and enjoying your break so far whatever you've been up to at home. 


Speak soon 


Mr W :)



Hi Year 2,


Just a quick one from me today. I'm saving the next Wheel of Wellbeing challenge for when Easter is finished but I did say I'd be uploading some little challenges each day. The one I found, and have attached below, is a 30 day LEGO challenge you might want to have a go at if your a Lego lover like I am.  Have a look, see if it's for you, and if you do give it a go, take some photos of the lego you make! I'd love to see your creations! If you don't have lego, any kind of building blocks would still work.


Mr W :)



Good Morning Y2, 


It's the first day of the Easter break! Apologies for not blogging over the weekend, I thought I'd give you all a little break from listening to me for a couple of days! I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the sunshine from your homes and if you went out for some exercise too! I'm going to be adding some activities over the Easter break on here and on Class Dojo so if you want the odd challenge here and there please feel free to download, print off or complete on your tablets. (If you don't have a printer at home you can just open the files on your tablet and edit them using the 'mark up' tool which I think is available on most types of tablet. Then you can screenshot and upload to your Dojo if you are signed up - have attached a pic below to show you this) If you can't print or do it on your tablet, a blank piece of paper will still do the job. 


Today I have attached a 'Five Senses Scavenger Hunt'. I know the other day I set you a task of finding different colours and lots of you had a go at this, but this one is a bit different. The challenge is to find all the different things either round the house or if you go outside. You could write down what you found, tick them or draw pictures to show what you could find. This sheet is attached below this post. 


I will upload a different half term activity each day to keep you busy. It won't be written school work as such but may just be something fun you can do to keep those brains ticking over for the next two weeks! 


Missing you all lots,


Mr W :)



Morning everyone,


It's Friday, and technically it's the last day of Term 4! I can honestly say there's never been a term like this one! Today is the day I (ok not me...Miss Hopkinson) would be taking down displays in the classroom and getting ready for Term 5. I'd also be letting you know what to expect when we come back after the Easter break so I think I can let you know now so you're all in the know.


Our topic will be 'The Rainforest' next term so there will be plenty of opportunities to learn all about this topic from the comfort of your own home. The Year 2 teachers will be carefully planning your tasks in all your subject areas so you can get the same kind of experience you would have had if you were learning about this topic at school! 


I was having a think about the Easter break too yesterday. We will be spending some more time at home over Easter this year so I think it's entirely up to you and your parents/carers what you want to do in terms of learning over this upcoming two week Easter 'break'. Your parents will be able to help you with deciding this but there is no set expectations from me in terms of what everyone does. I'm sure parents and carers will do what they know works best for you. 


  • If you do want to continue doing a little bit of learning during your break, you could finish off any bits of work you might have left in your first learning pack so you're all ready for when the next pack is released.
  • You could have a go at any challenges I've set on this blog/Class Dojo since I started it that maybe you haven't had the chance to do yet. I will probably be setting some more little bits and bobs over Easter for anyone who might be interested but this is not a compulsory thing.
  • You could use the links on the Year 2 page to find other tasks you might want to have a go at from the various websites offering learning opportunities.
  • You might want to use the various websites you are signed up to (Spelling Shed, MyMaths, Purple Mash) to do some learning online.
  • You might want to try and complete as many of the 100 things to do indoors challenges as you can.
  • Your parents might want to come up with their own ideas for you during the next two weeks. That's absolutely fine too!


Teachers will still be able to see what you post on Class Dojo no matter what it is you're up to.


I was so pleased to see all of the pieces of work uploaded to Class Dojo yesterday showing the things that make you happy. You did a great job with that first Wheel of Wellbeing task. If you haven't managed to do it yet and you want to, there's still plenty of time. I will set the next challenge soon so it gives you a bit of time to keep up with them and to spread them out a little bit. 


If you have done this challenge and you're looking for something else, I've been looking around for a good reading book resource and I think I've got something you can try for now. I know at the moment, you aren't able to take home a reading book and change them over but if you log on to:


Here, there is a selection of free ebooks (parents will need to sign up) that are very similar to the books we have at school. They are all levelled (if you need help with knowing roughly what your child's level is let me know) and tablet friendly. If you are after some different books for your child to read this could be a good starting point. 


Song of the day is a classic. Get up and dance around the room!


I hope you all have a good last day of term! I will continue to upload stories over Easter for you if that's something you're enjoying so you can keep an eye out for those. 


Mr W :)

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

Class Dojo Support

Still image for this video
Mr Phillips has created some tutorials to help with using Class Dojo, the new platform we are using for children to showcase their home learning and complete tasks set by their teachers.

Support with Class Dojo

Still image for this video



Hi Y2,


I've been thinking about a little project we could maybe start as part of your daily challenges over the next few days and this is what I came up with below.


At school, we use something called 'The Wheel of Wellbeing' to help us to increase our wellbeing in lots of different ways. Wellbeing is all about the way we feel and it's always a very important thing to be mindful of. We teach you about how to improve wellbeing throughout the year at Hampton and I thought this might be a nice thing to do alongside some of our learning while we're off. We might have to be a bit clever in how we do this at the moment but I'm sure we can manage it. I have attached a picture of the Wheel of Wellbeing below so you can be reminded of what it looks like. The different areas to focus on are: 


1. Mind - Keep Learning

2. Spirit - Give

3. People - Connect

4. Place - Take Notice

5. Planet - Care

6. Body - Be Active


So today I thought we could start with Number 1, The Mind - Keep Learning. This one is all about noticing when we are happy and thinking about those things that make us feel this way. Here are some ideas:


  • Make a poster with all the things that make you happy around it. You could write 'Happiness is...' in the middle to start you off.
  • Learn or practice a skill you enjoy, like skipping or hula hooping. 
  • Find out about something you've always wanted to know more about.
  • Set yourself any challenge you know you will enjoy completing (playing a board game, learning the words and practicing singing a song or making up a dance routine)


Put on your smiliest smiley face while you're doing the task you've chosen to do (research has shown just smiling can lift your mood and help you to be healthier) and take a photo. You can upload these photos to Class Dojo. (If you're not on Class Dojo you can email them still) I am setting this exact same challenge on Class Dojo too so you should be able to see it on your pupil login pages if you're signed up.


Happy mindfulness!


Mr W :)



Picture 1

Song of the Day - Elton John - Crocodile Rock



Morning guys,


How are we all doing this morning? I hope you all had a good night's sleep last night and by the time you're reading this you're ready to do some more learning. Thank you to parents for sending in more work for me to look at yesterday and some have even started uploading to Class Dojo which is perfect! I particularly enjoyed Maisie's colour scavenger hunt her mum sent to me. Great job! I've attached it below so you can all see. If you haven't had a go and you do get out for a walk today you could perhaps have a go at this too. I do have another daily challenge as well and it's another outdoors one for when you go out walking outside, so here it is.... (I'm going to do this one with my children today so perhaps you could send them in and we can create a slideshow of leaf animals together)


1. Collect a variety of leaves. You could put them in a bag or a basket.

2. Bring them home and think of an animal you'd like to create using your leaves.

3. Arrange the leaves to create your leaf animal!


(I've attached a few examples below too to give you some inspiration!)


Lastly, most of you know how much I love my music so I thought I'd start uploading a song every now and then for a bit of extra positivity for you all. If you fancy a little listen then go for it.  Hopefully it will cheer you up if ever you're missing school.


Speak soon!


Mr W :)

Picture 1
Picture 2

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Good afternoon Year 2,


I'm a bit late on posting today as I've been setting up lots of Class Dojo logins and accounts for you and your parents. Let me explain what this means for you. From now on, if your parents/carers give permission (they can do this by emailing your class teacher -,, you can send photos of your home learning, any work you've done and see any new tasks your teachers have set all by logging on to your Class Dojo page. Perhaps most exciting, you will be able to see your Dojo monster again (they've missed you lots!) and all your parents will now understand what you mean whenever you talk about 'dojos'!


Your parents will also be sent their own login details and they will be able to communicate with your teachers about your home learning should they need to. It will save us having to do everything by email and will help your teachers out because it's all in one place. We will also have our own class story where your teachers can post you messages and set you tasks so you can keep really up to date with the learning you're teacher wants to set you. 


(Parents: I have started setting up those that have already given permission, and Mrs Bryant/Mrs Sexton and Miss Siddall will be doing the same for Hares and Badgers too. If you haven't emailed yet and it's something you would like to be connected to, we will send you login details once that permission has been received. If you do not give permission for whatever reason we will still be able to communicate and set work in alternative ways so don't worry! I must say though, it will be a fantastic way for most to stay in touch over the following weeks and I'm really excited to start using it.)


Right, a little challenge for you! I went out for a walk this morning with my children and we had a go at completing a 'Colour Scavenger Hunt' and I thought it might be a nice idea for my Year 2 children to have a go at too next time they venture outside. I have attached a photo below. It's very easy. 


1. Pick some coloured felt tips/pencils. 

2. Shade in each colour on a blank piece of paper.

3. Go outside and see what things from nature you can find that match that colour. (Remember not to pick things from people's gardens or you'll get me in trouble!)

4. Stick them next to each colour (I used sellotape for Harry's)


As it's Spring there are lots of colours around when you're out and about and by doing this, you really notice the variety of colours on show! As we can't get out too much at the moment, it was a good way of making the most of the Spring scenery.


Finally, I just wanted to say to every single one of you who has been doing such a wonderful range of learning while you've been at home, whether you've sent it to me and I've seen it or not, how proud I am of you and all of the learning you have done. (Shhh don't tell your parents but I think they're just as amazing as you too! I think some of them are after my job, I need to watch out when we get back to school!) Keep up all that you are doing! See you all for story time later on.


Mr W :)


Picture 1

More fantastic home learning pictures!



Good morning Year 2,


It's Monday morning so it must mean one thing....back to (home) school! It's the last week before the Easter holidays so keep going with the learning packs we sent home to you on the day we finished school. There are plenty of activities in the pack that will keep you occupied but remember, you don't have to do it all at once! A good even spread of work would be perfect. If you're looking for some extra ideas or activities I have added some extra ideas for the upcoming week below. So a rough plan for this week could be something like this for example:


Activity 1: Complete a reading comprehension or two (Available in the learning pack or extra ones on the reading resources tab) If you're practicing your phonics you could try reading a comic based around a particularly sound ( or visit the website to play some phonics games.

Activity 2: An active activity - Joe Wicks PE/Cosmic Kids Yoga/Just Dance (Available on YouTube)/Dance 'n Beats (Also available on YouTube)

Activity 3: A writing task - - You could answer the questions in the 'question time' section verbally first to get you thinking, then you could try drawing a picture of what you think the children's school would look like. Finally, have a go at writing a short diary entry describing the children's journey to school. Remember to use adjectives to add description and conjunctions to extend your ideas.

Activity 4: Spelling - Have a few games on spelling shed with your new spellings for this week or do some rainbow writing/curly words/staircase letters etc to practice them on paper. You could even practice your handwriting at the same time by writing your spellings in your neatest cursive handwriting.

Activity 5: A Topic based activity (Remember, our topics for Term 4 are 'China' for History/Geography, 'Habitats' for Science, 'Easter' for RE and  'Celebrating Differences' for PSHE - You could complete a China based activity on the PurpleMash website using your login details or start researching different world habitats (Desert, Rainforest, Arctic, Ocean) and some of the animals that live there. (Some resources attached below to support this)

Activity 6: A Maths based activity - Use your MyMaths logins, Diagnostic questions logins (Foxes Maths Set) or visit to follow the maths videos and activities for each day. Alternatively, visit and attempt some of the questions in the PowerMaths booklet for Year 2 (or Year 1 will be more accessible if too difficult)


Remember, these are just extra ideas to help you and your parents/carers who are doing their best to be a teacher at the moment! There is no right or wrong way to do this, we are all learning what works best for you as we go along at the moment, including me! Just a little bit each day will keep you going! You don't have to do everything all at once. Remember to play games and play with your toys as well. Your parents/carers will help you with what learning you can do each day and how much time should be spent doing this.


I hope you have a great day. (The same goes for your parents and carers too! Stay strong!)


Mr W :)



Some photos of some excellent home learning so far. (If any parents have sent me any photos already and you give me permission, I can add them to this page. Just drop me a quick email saying 'Permission given' and I will upload the pics you've already sent so the children can see their work on the website. I should have asked initially so I apologise for that! Thanks)



Happy Sunday guys!


I thought I'd start today by telling you some of the things I've been up to while I've not been able to teach you guys. So I've mainly been looking after my children and TRYING to be their teacher! (Mostly failing!) They are not as well behaved as my classes at school I must admit. At one point the other day in the middle of doing some writing with my son, he actually said to me 'Dad, remember I'm the one who's in charge.' He had to move his name down for that comment! Haha. I've also been doing some daily exercise; walking, running, riding my bike to keep fit and healthy. I've slightly overdone it with the running now and I've injured myself. Not good! We went outside to the end of my road to see the cows in the field yesterday. My children enjoyed that until one of the cows did something rather smelly straight into another cow's face! I really hope whatever you guys are up to, it's going a lot better than what happened to that unfortunate cow! Anywaaaaay....


If you are looking for ideas for activities while you're at home with the weather not looking so great today, I was thinking maybe you could do one of these ideas today to keep you busy..


  • Make a board game - You could create your own version of snakes and ladders, or a quiz game using a subject you like. (Maybe China? or Animal habitats? or your own subject?)
  • Create a show - It could be a one person show or you could get together with your siblings and create a story to share, a dance or some gymnastics.
  • Do some artwork - Grab an apple, a vase, a glass or a flower in front of you and challenge yourself to draw what you see. As an extra challenge, you could paint it using just different shades of one colour. 
  • You be the teacher - You could teach your parents and carers about something you know lots about!
  • Do some junk modelling - Get some materials from the recycling bin (ask your parents before you do this) and make anything you like using them. It could be a spaceship, a racing car, a castle or whatever you can think of!
  • Do some baking - If you have the ingredients in the cupboard you could bake yourself something tasty.You could write the recipe up afterwards! Remember to ask a parent/carer before you start mixing anything though!


You may have your own plans and ideas for your day today, if you do that's great. Have fun!


Take care and keep your eye out for another story later on. I think I will leave my children downstairs for today's one. Less distraction! 


Back with another post tomorrow,


Mr W :)





Mooooooooorningggggggggggg Year 2!


Guess who's up early again??


Yep you guessed it. I am. 


I've got my son to thank for that today, he was reading The Dinky Donkey at the top of his voice after I left it out in his bedroom after reading it for you guys yesterday. All I could hear at about 5.30am was 'HEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAWWWW!' Never mind, I did say it was one of his favourites. I hope you are all giving your mums, dads, parents and carers a bit of a lie in at the moment at least! 


Right, first things first,  I was so impressed with the book reviews lots of you done for me yesterday! It made me so happy to hear from you and see your super writing about your favourite books so I want to say well done to all those who have had a go at Challenge #1. If you haven't yet, don't worry, there's still plenty of time! Just scroll down to the posts below and you will see details on there of some of the little extra tasks I have set.


Anyway, today is Saturday. So that means one thing. It's the weekend! Because it's the weekend I won't be setting any challenges as such today but I do have a couple of options for you if you would like some ideas. You could have a go at Challenge #1 or #2 if you haven't done so already, or I have attached something called '100 things to do indoors' just below this blog post. This has lots of cool ideas for things to do while you are inside! Maybe you could pick one or two today and have a go at completing them? There are so many ideas so have a good look and decide on something you'd like to do most. You could ask your adult to help you decide if you are a bit stuck. Again, if you do decide to do anything, I would love to see what you've been up to so get your parents/carers to snap a picture and send it to (Parents: If you do send anything in to me, could I ask if you let me know in your emails whether you give permission for me to put the pictures you've sent on this website? I totally forgot to ask this yesterday and I'd rather get your permission before uploading anything. If you do not say then I will take it that I don't have permission and I won't upload. Thank you)


Have a great day Year 2!


Mr W :)

Picture 1



Morning everyone!


First of all I hope you all have a great day today and you learn lots of things! Yesterday I was thinking of ways we can learn some Science while we are away from school. Our topic at the moment is habitats so I thought, perhaps if you make it out for a walk today you could have a look to see if you can find any minibeasts today and maybe write down the type of micro habitat you found them in? You could then explain to your adult, or write down why you think this is an ideal micro habitat for the minibeast that you found. Remember to think about the things it needs to in order to live and survive. That would be some great Science learning! I have attached a couple of worksheets below which may be helpful to you and your parents/carers too as well as a presentation you might want to look at before you go! If you take some pictures that would be great because we're hopefully going to have your own online portfolio set up for you soon to add all your home learning photos and work to so this will be a good one to save for when it's ready!


The other thing I thought would be AMAZING to have a go at is using the website. Pobble365 has a different picture each day added to it for you to do some writing about. Your parents will be able to help you with some of the tasks you can do. Today's picture is a picture of Superman! There are questions to answer, a drawing activity, a story challenge and sentence activities. I'd love to see any work you've done so again, take a picture and either hold on to it or send it by email to


Keep practicing your reading, spellings, maths and purplemash work too if you can! Not all at once though! Remember to take lots of breaks and the main thing is, HAVE FUN!


Speak tomorrow!


Mr W









Good morning to all our wonderful Hampton Year 2 children,


I was sitting downstairs in my lounge this morning with my two children (very early in the morning I must add. My daughter woke me up by sitting on my head at 5.30am!) and I was trying to think of a way for me to write you all a message to let you know what I'm thinking and any little activities or 'missions' I might have for you to complete during this break from school. I came up with the idea of writing a little blog every now and then so that I can talk to you about a range of different things and hopefully get you all thinking as well. So check back often if you can to see what I've got to say for myself!


I do really hope you are all keeping well while you are off and you're being really good for your parents and carers! When we get back to school I think I'm going to put about a hundred dojos on your dojo monsters for being so brilliant! 


As you all already know, I absolutely love reading books, it's one of my absolute favourite things to do and I'm so glad I can carry on doing this while you're off school through posting a video each day to Youtube and our Hampton website. So it got me thinking, what are your favourite books?...


So here's Challenge #1 for you:


Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to write me a mini book review today. I want you to choose one of your favourite books, it could be one from home, from the internet, from youtube, anything goes! 


I want to know:


  • The title
  • The author
  • What the book is about
  • Your favourite character
  • Your favourite part
  • Who you would recommend it to
  • Your star rating out of 5


You can get your grown up to email me a photo of your book review to and I will write you a little message back and perhaps even post it to this website. There is no deadline so even if you don't read this message until a later date, you can still have a go at this mission in your own time.


I hope you have a happy Thursday. 


Mr W



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