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Celebrate Success - Parliamentary Review!

A limited number of schools are identified annually to appear in the Parliamentary Review in acknowledgment of outstanding practice.

Fourteen schools have been selected this year from the South East region and Hampton is one of them! 

The Parliamentary Review showcases school's best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector. 

The Review will be distributed to thousands of leading policy makers including MPs, Peers at the House of Lords, Headteachers, Government Agencies and the Department for Education.

The principle purpose being to demonstrate how determined leadership and innovative thinking can turn organisations around and highlights how organisations/teams/individuals have become outstanding in their field.

The successes which have contributed to this opportunity and recognition are notably

  • Our conversion to a stand alone academy
  • Our incredible progress and attainment outcomes year on year outperforming National standards
  • Hampton Collaborative Trust Sponsorship status awarded
  • The exemplary practice and leadership in place to acquire such results

To be recognised for such exemplary practice is a huge achievement for the staff at Hampton who work tirelessly.

At Hampton academic achievement is just one measurable outcome, we strive to prepare children for life - modelling life skills, instilling trust and self worth...all crucial to a child's success!

We are very excited about contributing to the Parliamentary Review.

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