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P.E. 05.02.21


Today we are going to start our day with a video game workout to get the blood pumping! See if you can follow the movements and dodge the obstacles (link below).


Once you are all warmed up then there are a few activities you can try out. There are suggestions from previous weeks if you want to continue developing those skills or you can choose a different one to have a go at:


  • Work on your hand coordination with a small ball by bouncing it on a book. Count how many bounces you can get on the book before it drops to the floor. If it's too easy then get a sibling, parent or carer for a rally; pass the bass between the two of you without letting it drop to the floor.
  • Work on throwing and catching between one or more of you if there are other people you can practice with. See how many times you can pass the ball (or socks) without dropping it. To make it harder, increase the distance between you or try different types of throws. You could also practise by passing how you would in rugby (to the side or behind you).
  • Place two markers a good distance apart (e.g. 7 HUGE steps) and see how quick you can run back and forth between them.
  • 4-minute run or see if you can either improve on your distance or time ran from Monday.
  • Ride a bike along a pre-planned route. Time yourself to see how fast you can complete it and then try beating your time next time. Remember to stay safe if you decide to go outside.
  • Set up your own obstacle course. Can you create a course where people might have to jump over or duck under things? Maybe they need to throw something at a target or balance something on their heads? Get creative and have fun with this one!


If you do other physical activities, exercise, sports or dance, then that is fine to do as well!


Enjoy :)

P.E. 01.02.21


In today's P.E. lesson, we are focusing on the importance of pacing in long-distance running.


Pacing means to make sure that you do not go either too fast or too slow and remain at a steady speed whilst running. This is important because, if you go too fast, you might run out of stamina and have to stop early before you finish and, if you go too slow, then it will be easier for other runners to go ahead of you or you won't beat your best time for running.


The key thing to remember is that you should always feel comfortable and, if you start running out of breath, then you are running too fast and need to slow down for a steadier pace.


There are different activities that you can try at home to have a practice at pacing:

  • If you have enough space outside, then place 5 cones (or any other objects) in a line with each object spread roughly 1m away from each other. From the starting line, you must run around the first object and back to the start and then run around the second object and back and repeat for the other objects as well. If it's too easy (and you have more space) then move the objects further away from each other.
  • Go for a run outside with a trusted adult. You could set a time limit to run for (for example 4 minutes) or, if you have headphones and a capable device, you could pick 2 (or more) of your favorite songs to run to and finish when the songs stop. To make it more challenging, either increase the time limit or add more songs. Remember to not add too much if you are not used to running though!
  • If you want to stay indoors then have a go at this video which involves running on the spot and completing different actions in time with the video: Level Up! (Video Game Workout For Kids)


After you have done that and built up a sweat, cool down with a little bit of Cosmic Yoga:

Spider Power Yoga

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